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Magician set


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I was thinking about making a spellcaster/magician deck, and this is one of the main cards, please comment on what needs to be fixed, what could improve etc., thanks!


Effect-Once per turn, by discarding one card, destroy one face-down card on the field. For the type of card destroyed, apply the following effect.

Spell - Draw one card.

Trap - destroy another card on the field (this cards effect is not activated)

Monster - Special Summon a monster whose level stars are lower than the destroyed monsters from your Graveyard.

If you activate this cards effect, it cannot Attack during your next battle phase.

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Your OCG could use some editing, I made this list for everyone to use, go ahead and fix your OCG on this card and any others you make ^.^


Some OCG fixes you might find useful:

normal summon = Normal Summon

special summon = Special Summon

spell/ trap card = Spell/ Trap Card

monster effect card = monster Effect card

graveyard = Graveyard

deck = Deck

hand = hand

Field = field

atk/ def = ATK/ DEF

ATK points = ATK

remove ___ from play = remove from play ___

a monster with "___" in its name = a "___" monster

opponents side of the field = opponent controls

your side of the field = you control

tribute = Tribute

level stars = Level

every = each

life points = Life Points

light/ dark = LIGHT/ DARK

warrior type = Warrior-Type

choose = select

???? ATK/ DEF = ? ATK/ DEF

as a result of battle = by battle

one/ two/ three... = 1/2/3...

attack mode = Attack Position

his/ her = they/ their

may = can

face up = face-up

attribute = Attribute

type = Type

ritual = Ritual

monster card zone = Monster Card Zone

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