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Rock drain deck

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1 hieracrosphinx

3 Guardian sphinx

2 criosphinx

1 gigantes

1 the rock spirit

2 giant rat

3 golem sentry

3 guardian statue

2 morphing jar #2



1 Canyon

1 Acidic downpour

1 monster reborn

3 spring of rebirth

3 chain energy

2 shifting shadows



3 ordeal of a traveler

3 compulsory evacuation device

2 non aggression area

3 castle walls <-- I know what your thinking castle walls? what a

1 xing zhen hu douche, but with a high defense and multiple

castle walls plus acidic downpour or canyon thats

quite a bit of damage.


I built this deck for my sister for competition, but basically this deck uses chain energy as a burn and spring of rebirth as a lp boost. when your opponent sets monsters they take 500-1500 damage,

and either a trap or monster will return that monster to the owner's hand and I'll gain 500-1500 lp, and if criosphinx is on the field they discard a card. Morphing jar is suicidal because of chain energy, but the monsters you summon with his effect are most likely monsters that return monsters to the owner's hand, and if spring of rebirth is on the field, you can, and will easily recover. Giant rat of course is for criosphinx. Gigantes and the rock spirit are primarily for sacrifice, but if you need space gigantes is there. This deck is completely focused.

please rate 1to10

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Perhaps a Medusa Worm or two wouldn't hurt?


Oh, and drop the Castle Walls. You opponents won't be idiots. After seeing the first one, they''l just spam effects to destroy everything. Replace with Threatening Roar/Thunder of Ruler/A Feint Plan.

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