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Burn is not dead...yet - BlackVoid



Burn is usually all about stalling and doing a lot of small damage. That doesn't cut it anymore, with all the current decks winning duels in single-digit turns. So I'm bringing back an old burn deck that should be getting more attention now because of the speed.


The Anti-Heal AKA: Simochi Burn, AKA: Reverse Heal, AKA: Death By Nurse deck, is one of those decks that hasn't seen a lot of play and nobody really knows why. I use one myself and am very pleased with it as not only is it the fastest burn deck out there, it's surprisingly consistent.


The idea is obviously to use Bad Raction to Simochi and Nurse Reficule the Fallen One along with cards that would heal your opponent to inflict damage. The 2 card combos in this deck do damage much more quick;y then other burn decks.


Deck: 43


Monsters: 16


x3 Nurse Reficule the Fallen One

x2 A Cat of Ill Omen

x2 Mystic Tomato

x2 Des Koala

x2 Mask of Darkness

x1 Marshmallon

x1 Gellenduo

x1 Sangan

x1 Swarm of Locust

x1 Morphing Jar


Spells: 13


x3 Soul Taker

x3 Upstart Goblin

x2 Rain of Mercy

x1 Swords of Revealing Light

x1 Level Limit Area B

x1 Smashing Ground

x1 Messenger of Peace

x1 Monster Reborn


Traps: 14


x3 Bad Reaction to Simochi

x3 Gift Card

x2 Paths of Destiny

x2 Fake Trap

x1 Magic Cylinder

x1 Mirror Force

x1 Dimensional Prison

x1 Dark Bribe


Side: 15


x3 Self-Destruct Button

x3 Burning Algae

x2 Prohibition

x2 Imperial Iron Wall

x2 Royal Oppression

x1 Cat of Ill Omen

x1 Heavy Storm

x1 Wall of Revealing Light


Since Soul Takers are rare, you can take them out, and add 2 more Rains and a Swarm of Scarabs. Locust is in there because this deck needs some kind of magic/trap removal. Heavy isn't here because this deck always has important traps on the field.

This deck does damage very quickly once simochi is out so Morphing Jar is a must for draw power.


The Side deck may be considered "cheap", but Simochi is the perfect deck for the Button due to all the healing cards for your opponent. The idea is to use Simochi, an underused deck, to surprise your opponent in the first duel and then sub in the Button support cards. The general idea is to take out the Burn cards like Koala and the Reverse heal cards, and add Button support. The other Side cards are basically DAD and JD counters.


If you don't like that strategy though, you could side a couple Trap Eaters and Exiled Forces instead to stop Jinzo and Decree.


NO 2


Spellcasters: Competitive?-SirAngelis



Hi it's SirAngelis again. Before I start I wanted to address my previous article. Specifically, an error was made regarding Paladin Of White Dragon. Great way to make an impact with your first article, huh? Anyway, the ritual spell Advanced Ritual Art would not work due to the normal monster sent having to be of the exact level of the Ritual Monster. There are no level four vanillas in the deck, so i chose to replace it with Ritual Foregone. It has no monster requirement, and since you're going to sac it for a BEWD from deck, it doesn't matter if the thing is gonna die or can't attack. There just simply isn't enough room for the Manjus required for traditional ritual methods, so Foregone and Paladin take only 2 deckspots and get the main point of the deck done: Summon BEWD.




Anyway, on to today. Lately, a lot of spellcasters have been released to us, all of them many times stronger than the Dark Magician themed deck of yesteryear (which can still be ok in the right hands). Some of these cards are Secret Village of the Spellcasters, Night's End Sorcerer, Magical Citadel of Endymion, etc. I know i missed some better ones but the decklist won't. Speaking of that, here it is:




Chaos Sorcerer


2 Dark Red Enchanter


2 Magical Marrionette


Breaker the Magical Warrior


Defender the Magical Knight


Royal Magical Library


3 Night's End Sorcerer


3 Apprentice Magician


2 Magical Exemplar


Old Vindictive Magician


2 Crystal Seer




2 Magical Citadel of Endymion


3 Spell Power Grasp


2 Secret Village of the Spellcasters


2 Magical Dimension


2 Allure of Darkness


Book of Moon


Shield Crush


Heavy Storm


Brain Control


Monster Reborn




Pitch-Black Power Stone


Bottomless Trap Hole


2 Magician's Circle


Mirror Force




3 Stardust Dragon


3 Arcanite Magician


Goyo Guardian




Now, I'm sure you can see the deck centers around Apprentice Magician, who is stronger than ever at three per deck. She can summon Old Vindictive Magician, Crystal Seer, and Night's End Sorcerer. If your opponent nails her with a monster first turn, bust out a Sorcerer and then you can summon another monster next turn. Well duh, SirAngelis, I know I can summon a monster per turn! The good part is that you can Magical Dimension the summoned monster for a Marionette/Dark Red Enchanter. Not only does this destroy the opponent's monster, it sets you up for a synchro summon! With Marionette you get Arcanite Magican, while Enchanter will net you a Stardust Dragon.




Now you are probably thinking my Stardust Dragon obsession has reached the outer limits. But yes, it does fit in the spellcaster deck and no, you are not entering the Twilight Zone. It is the 2500 atk point Solemn Judgment the deck needs. And we all know it's recurring effect, so the fun never ends. It's a Synchro, so as it doesn't clog the deck and has a killer effect, why not add it?




The deck uses Enchanter to its fullest also. With Spell Power Grasp, tributing for him (which is made easy with Apprentice and Exemplar's constant special summoning) will net you a double discard. You use two cards, and one remains on the field as a 1700/2200 monster, to get rid of two of your opponent's cards. And if you are really lucky, you'll have a Night's End Sorcerer on the field for a Stardust Dragon.




The deck has an endless number of Spell Counter support. Apprentice Magician, Citadel, Grasp, Marionette, Enchanter, Magical Exemplar, ARCANITE MAGICIAN! This card is like the Dark Armed Dragon for spellcasters! Easy to summon, fairly good attack, comes out with two free shots plus whatever other spell counters are on the field, and those shots can be replenished! With Grasp, that's a 3400 beast of a card with three free shots! Probably more if you have any of the multitudes of spell counter cards on the field!




The spells and traps are all very obvious; draw power, spell counter support, Village locks your opponent down hardcore. Without their drawing and destruction, they have monsters and a couple easily blocked traps. Magican's Circle is huge in this deck; Night's End for two removals and a possible synchro summon, along with ANY other monster in the deck with the exception of Chaos Sorcerer.


As always, the Extra Deck is always open for your own personal changes, and the side deck is up to you, based on your area's favorites and how you play. Endymion, more Citadels, more Villages, More Royal Libraries, more Magician's Circles, a Tempest Magician or two in the extra deck, these are all viable options. Make the deck suit you!


NO 3


Chill of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon-SirAngelis



Hi i'm SirAngelis and i'm new here at pojo. i have been visiting the site for a few years, but never really decided to send anything in until now. anyway, on to today's topic.



As many of us remember, Blue-Eyes White Dragon used to be THE card to own. This was during the fledgling stage of the game, when raw power was the best way to win. Times have changed. The game is ruled by powerful effects and speed now, rather than summoning some huge beast to breathe down your opponent's neck while they fumble for something to do against it. Most monsters only last a turn or two with all the removal we have, compared to the trap holes, man eater bugs, fissures, raigekis, and all the other crap lord of d. used to block until the text got altered. if i tried to list all the monster destruction that runs wild these days, i may as well be attempting to climb Mt. Everest naked. But, with the years we have recieved much BEWD support, and the deck is viable if you know how to use it. There are many ways, and my personal choice is to protect it with a multitude of protection, such as Royal Decree, Solemn Judgment, Prime Material Dragon, and the card i will be innovating into the BEWD's build today.


Stardust Dragon.



Now, first the deck list, then the explanation.






3 Blue Eyes White Dragon


2 Kaibaman


2 Prime Material Dragon


Plaguespreader Zombie


2 Krebons


Psychic Commander


2 Mirage Dragon


Paladin of White Dragon


Breaker the Magical Warrior


3 Nimble Momonga


Chaos Sorcerer


Necro Gardna




2 Dragon's Mirror


Magical Mallet


Advanced Ritual Art


Allure of Darkness




Cold Wave


Monster Reborn


Brain Control




Mystical Space Typhoon


Heavy Storm


Shield Crush


Lightning Vortex


2 Soul Taker




2 Royal Decree


Ultimate Offering


Return From the Different Dimension






2 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon


2 Five Headed Dragon


3 Stardust Dragon


Light End Dragon


Goyo Guardian


Dark Strike Fighter


Black Rose Dragon


Red Dragon Archfiend


Magical Android




Now to explain. First off, I know the extra deck is iffy on the synchros, but you can never have too many of those, right? You can tweak that section however you like as long as the fusions, Stardust, Light End, and Goyo are preserved. Now, the monsters.


3 Bewd, obviously. Plaguespreader and Krebons are our best tuners, and Commander helps with those tricky level fives and sevens. Kaibaman is an obvious one, supports light end but more importantly is a first turn bewd. just imagine, advanced ritual to send a bewd to the graveyard, use the paladin to summon another, use kaibaman for a third, and dragon's mirror for ultimate right there. PMD is the support system, a 2400 powerhouse, viable for a Five Headed AND tunes nicely with Plaguespreader and Krebons. Mirage and Breaker also keep your powerhouses safe from traps and even stall spells in the case of breaker. the nimbles are an easy 3000 lp, a quick lv 5 or 6 tune with psychic or krebons, even a lv. 7 with two and one psychic, tribute fodder to get bewd out and close in on that dragon's mirror or simply wreak havoc. Chaos Sorcerer is great, it is a free summon that can remove AND is highly compatible with Krebons and Plaguespreader. Remove a BEWD and breaker, remove an opponent's card, then summon tuner for Stardust, Red Dragon Archfiend, THEN you can even RFTDD if your really lucky. but a simple remove for sorcerer, remove monster then tune is only a two card combo (not including synchro).




spells speak for themselves; staples, removal, draw power (there are six darks in the deck), summoning (who is going to guess a level 8 on reasoning, even a six is rare so that could be a no tribute PMD), the best fusion fusion method dragon's have, and shrink for royal-proof defense. The traps are very theme specific-nobody wants to run into a solemn after summoning a synchro, bewd, FHD, beud, etc. or a mirror force on the game ending attack. there are two decrees to fill in the holes when Stardust and PMD are not available. Ultimate can set the field for domination. getting out stardust or PMD first for protection, then proceeding to summon and tribute for bewds or more deadly synchros.




Finally, RFTDD is obvious; three returning BEWD's or five dragons (imagine three BEWD's, BEUD and PMD in one go after using them to summon FHD) is game ending. with decree down and five powerhouses hopping about, the game is practically yours.




Finally, the side deck. i didn't make one because it depends on what decks are popular in your area and your own personal playing style. if you are more pro-beatdown, lose some rely less on spell/trap support and toss in an extra cold wave or two. if you want higher attack, jinzo could help there as it is a 2400 theme supporter, and you could also replace Kaibaman with Kaiser Sea Horse for some strength, at the cost of speed of course.


Or you could really go crazy and throw in another Allure and a Dark Armed Dragon, or even Light and Darkness Dragon, as it supports the the theme of protection, can net you a BEWD when it dies, and puts the number of level 8's in the deck high enough to warrant use of Trade-In, for even more draw power and speed. There are many ways to innovate the deck, this is just my personal favorite twist. Mess around with it and have fun! Enjoy the look on somebody's face as you scream white lightning and anhiliate their precioius Dark Armed Dragon. Thanks for taking the time to travel to the past with me


NO 4


Traps Must Die - BlackVoid


Quick story. One day I was using a Skill Drain beatdown deck against my friend. I was getting really frustrated because he used so many traps. Sakuretsu, Torrential, Mirror Force, Cylinder, all those things that drive you crazy. I decided I would have no more of it. I proceeded to make an anti-trap deck. After a few fixes, it has become the best deck I've ever made and the most consistent. It's also the deck I'm currently using as my main.


Most decks dont use a lot of traps, but the power of the traps that are used make up for it. Mirror Force and Magic Cylinder are real game-changers. You'd be surprised how much safer you feel making decisions when you've got a nice little Royal Decree sitting there. Chain Burst is also a viable, and interesting, option, forcing a player to pay 1000 life points to use a trap.


This deck also makes for a good Anti-Meta because it ulilizes Thunder King Raioh and has plenty of monster removal to combat DAD. Although its almost impossible to win if your opponent gets DAD out safely, this is as close as it gets.


Here it is.


Monsters: 22 (I like a lot of monsters)

Tributes: 3 1/2


x1 Jinzo

x2 Zaborg

x1 Cyber Dragon


Non Tributes: 17


x2 Thunder King Raioh

x2 DD Assailant

x2 Drillroid

x2 Mirage Dragon

x1 Breaker

x1 Reflect Bounder

x1 Gene warped Warwolf

x1 Sangan

x1 D-Hero Defender (Debatable, I know)

x1 Marshmallon

x1 Spirit Reaper

x1 Mysterious Guard (Why does nobody use this?)

x1 Old Vindictive Magician

x1 Injection Fairy Lily (Yes, I will kill your DAD by ATTACKING it)


Spells: 11


x2 Nobleman of Extermination

x1 Heavy Storm

x1 MST

x1 Smashing

x1 Fissure

x1 Lightning Vortex

x1 Monster Reborn

x1 Brain Control

x1 Pot of Avarice

x1 Back to Square One (It puts your opponent at a -1 too.)


Traps: 7


x2 Royal Decree

x2 Dark Bribe

x1 Chain Burst (I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me if you have to pay life points when you activate it, thanks).

x1 Mirror Force

x1 Magic Cylinder


So here. 8 cards help to negate traps. There's also plenty of monster removal. Drillroid will get rid of those annoying spirit reapers and marshmallons. Raioh is a nice beatstick and is a true game-changer. Sadly, its pretty rare. Reflect Bounder is a card I dont see too often, and I don't see why. Does at least 1700 damage to your opponent if attacked. I use Defender because I don't have a Gear Golem the Moving Fortress. Use that if you have it.


A lot of the cards here combine great defense with good offense, like Bounder, Raioh, Assailant, and Injection Fairy Lily. Some alterations could include: Replacing Chain Burst with a 3rd Decree or vice-versa, adding Cold Wave (which are effective but I don't use them because it's a bad topdeck) or adding King Tiger Wanghu.


NO 5


Immortal Blackwing deck idea



Hi there, Pojo Crew!




So I go to the sneak peak of Raging Battle and pull an Earthbound Immortal Aslla Piscu, and take a quick look at it's effect. One look and I instantly dismissed it as 'worthless' and stuck it in my trade binder. However, after a double-take at it, and coaxing from freinds, I did a bit of thinking, as well as looking around, and I constructed a deck strategy based on this card.




The deck revolves around relying upon the deck-swarming capabilities of the blackwings, combined with field spells, to bring out the immortal as fast as possible, then inflict burn dammage with it's affect. Alternativelly this deck is also capable of synchro summoning. I don't actually have many of the cards I put in, but I hope someone out there will see this and decide to build it and give it a try!




Immortal Blackwings:




2x Earthbound Immortal Aslla Piscu


3x Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn


3x Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind


3x Blackwing - Bora the Spear


2x Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow


2x Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame


2x Blackwing - Blizzard of the North Pole








2x Mausoleum of the Emperor


2x Black Garden


2x Raptor Wing Strike


2x Against the Wind


Black Whirlwhind


Swallow's Nest






3x Ojama Trio


3x Nightmare Archfiends


2x Delta Crow - Anti Reverse


2x Icarus Attack


2x Interdimensional Matter Transporter




I hope this runs as well as I hope it will.

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