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I'm new to the forums with some noobish creations. <Maybe Overkill>


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I was just doing these for a friend and myself, they aren't really well done, I was just enjoying making em, if any offend plz feel free to delete them, I didn't see any rules on posting. So i'm posting them all. Most of em are Final Fantasy Xi related but I still think they turned out really good. Oh and none of these pictures belong to me, just to get that out of the way :)


[Monster Cards]





I ran out of image space so i'll link the last one, most of these pictures. are just a bit of rush jobs, please feel free to vote on em, or tell em they suck :P Thanks alot for having such a good site for making Yugioh cards, wish I could find some type paper Upper deck uses to make the Duel Monster cards. Be alot of fun to make a deck out of nothing but customized cards


[Pwn You Card]

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