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Enter the Jungle



Welcome young explorer! In this 4 round contest, you will be tested on your Card Making abilities. Each round, you will have to make a specific kind of card and at the end, there will be an elimination. There can only be 16 explorers who can enter The Jungle and only 3 will come out victorious.



1. Darth Browarod

2. :: -OmeGa DeviL- ::

3. X-L PRIME!!!

4. .Mirage.

5. Zeaux

6. Koramore - Card Accepted

7. Hunter

8. Kira - Card Accepted

9. Warrior_Tal

10. pitski

11. poisonedbite -

12. Xander Royce

13. Kid

14. wanderley - Card Accepted

15. SkippyBaker

16. 740kt



1. No Spamming, Flamming, or anything of that sort

2. Once cards have been submitted, you are only allowed to edit your entry once.

3. There is a 20 point entry fee which will be put towards the pot.



1st Place - 4 reps, 1/2 of the pot

2nd Place - 2 reps, 1/4 of the pot

3rd Place - other 1/4 of the pot


End Date: Once I have all my explorers, the first adventure will be explained and the end date will be released


Elimination Process:

Round 1 - 16 enter, only 12 come out

Round 2 - 12 enter, only 8 come out

Round 3 - 8 enter, only 4 come out

Round 4 - 4 enter and compete for their position on the Top 3


Grading Rubric:

Name/Type/ATK/DEF/Attribute - 5/40

Image - 10/40

OCG - 15/40

Playability - 10/40


Mission: Prepare for, explore, and survive The Jungle and locate the Sacred Primal Monkey


[spoiler=[b]Round 1: Prepations][/b]

Welcome young exploerers, I am Andrew P Emerson. Some of you may have been my students at YCMHS. I have been informed of your mission and have been assigned to prepare you for the dangers that lurk in The Jungle. First of all, your health is your primary concern; you must be physically fit in terms of strength and endurance. Second, you must be prepared for the threats within, like reptiles, beasts, and insects. You have a week and a half to prepare for your excursion.


What you need:

1) 1 Spell or Trap card

2) It must either increase ATK or increase Life Points

3) It must be anti-insect, anti-beast, or anti-reptile.

Extra Points will be given out if you incorporate two or more of Part 3.


End Date: June 30, 2009




[spoiler=Round 2: Aminals]

Now that you are prepared for your excusion, I will tell you about the living dangers within The Jungle. But its up to your imagination to think of what you will be facing. Remember, you are dealing with Beasts and Reptiles.


What you need:

1) 1 Level 4 or lower monster

2) Beast or Reptile-Type

3) Must involve swarming and protection of EARTH and WATER monsters

4) May not involve increasing/decreasing ATK or DEF


End Date: July 12, 2009




[spoiler=Round 3: The Journey]

As you begin your journey, you use your Spell or Trap card to help you with the monster threats you created. You venture for hours and hours and finally, you arrive at your destination; you have located the Sacred Primal Monkey (lame name right?). There is one problem, what does it look like? [spoiler=rest of story]Well, its in the contest banner! And you all thought that you had to make a Monkey card! HAHA...no. But he comes with body guards. YOU need to make two different cards that will be the Sacred Primal Monkey's body guards


What you need:

1) 2 Level 7 or higher monsters

2) Must be Beast, Beast-Warrior, Reptile, or Winged-Beast-Type

3) The effect must have to do with protecting one another.

4) The effect must involve ATK increase.


End Date: July 20th






[spoiler=Round 4: The Journey Ends]

You get through the two guards you created and you finally confront the Sacred Primal Monkey. He congratulates you on being the first humans to ever find him, but he will not reward you unless you prove yourself worthy. You must show him your greatest card creation. Then you will be rewarded accordingly.


What you need:

1) Any one monster card


End Date:July 28




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