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Sonic OTK

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How to do the OTK-



Please don't flame me for this deck it is just for fun but, I want some help with it because, I think it is missing something. O and I don't have Dark Strike Fighter.


Monsters 23:


Quillbolt 3

Cannon Soldier 3

Toon Cannon Soldier 1

Cannon Soldier MK-2 2(I might use Catapult Turtle instead)

Sangan 1

Marshmallon 1 (to stall so I can set up the otk)

Snipe Hunter 1

Morphing Jar 1

Cyber Dragon 1 (I needed a strong card)

Mystic Tomato 2

Krebons 2

Dark Resonator 2

Jain, Lightsworn Paladin 2

A Cat of Ill Omen 1 (helps me get Imperial Iron Wall)


Spells 11:


Hand Destruction 2

Mass Driver 2

Giant Trunade 1

Nobleman of Crossout 1

Brain Control 1

Swords of Revealing Light 1

Monster Reborn 1

Pot of Avarice 1

Lightning Vortex 1


Traps 6:


Raigeki Break 1

Imperial Iron Wall 3

Negate Attack 1

Torrential Tribute 1


Extra Deck:


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