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My Deck

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Here's my deck. I just checked the Forbidden and limited Lists for this.




Armed Dragon LV3 x2

Spirit Ryu x2

Armed Dragon LV5 x2

Kaiser Sea Horse x2

Rare Metal Dragon

Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

Lord of D.

Luster Dragon #2

Blue Eyes White Dragon x3

Red Eyes B. Chick

Red Eyes Darkness Dragon

Paladin of White Dragon

Red Eyes B. Dragon

Curse of Dragon

Luster Dragon

Gray Wing

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Five Headed Dragon




Tribute to the Doomed x2

Black Pendant

Brain Control

Fairy Meteor Crush

Card Destruction

Lightning Vortex x2

Swords of revealing Light

Spell Absorption

Stamping Destruction x2

White Dragon Ritual


Soul Exchange




Just desserts

Magic Jammer x2

Dust Tornado

Raigeki Break

Spell Shield Type-8

Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell

jar of greed

Negate Attack

Ultimate offering


So, what do you think?

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Here's my deck. I just checked the Forbidden and limited Lists for this.




Armed Dragon LV3 x2

Spirit Ryu x2------------------Both out for 2x Masked Dragon

Armed Dragon LV5 x2----------Add 1

Kaiser Sea Horse x2-----------1 out for Armed and the other for Masked

Rare Metal Dragon-------------Out for Twin-Headed Behemoth

Blue Eyes Shining Dragon-------Out for Twin-Headed Behemoth

Lord of D.---------------------Out for Twin-Headed Behemoth

Luster Dragon #2--------------Out for D.D. Warrior Lady

Blue Eyes White Dragon x3

Red Eyes B. Chick--------------Out for Armed Drago LV7

Red Eyes Darkness Dragon------Out for Magna Drago

Paladin of White Dragon--------Out for Magna Drago

Red Eyes B. Dragon-------------Out for Magna Drago

Curse of Dragon----------------Out

Luster Dragon---------------out

Gray Wing---------------------out

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon------------------Put in Extra Deck

Five Headed Dragon------------------------Put in Extra Deck and add 2 more




Tribute to the Doomed x2---------both out

Black Pendant-------------------Out for Soul Exchange

Brain Control---------------------Out for Book of Moon

Fairy Meteor Crush----------------Out for Book of Moon

Card Destruction--------------Out for Book of Moon

Lightning Vortex x2------------1 out for Future Fusion

Swords of revealing Light--------Out for Dragon's Mirror

Spell Absorption------------Out for Smashing Ground

Stamping Destruction x2-Out for Mystical Space Typhoon & Heavy Storm

White Dragon Ritual---------------Out for Dragon's Mirror

Polymerization----------------Out for Dragon's Mirror

Soul Exchange




Just desserts

Magic Jammer x2--------------both out

Dust Tornado

Raigeki Break------------out for Sakaretsu Armor

Spell Shield Type-8-------------------out for Torrential Tribute

Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell----out for Sakaretsu Armor

jar of greed-------Out for Return From the Different Dimension

Negate Attack------------Out for Sakaretsu Armor

Ultimate offering------------Out for Dust Tornado


So' date=' what do you think?



Ok, i can see that you're new to the entire thing. So I'm just gonna say. I'm gonna make changes that would be best for you and that you could probably afford. See above.


YCM Veterans please do not comment on my fixes. They are simply for an Armed Dragon Deck.




There ya go. That will do until you get further into the game. Then start going for the big guns.

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Well simply because he wouldn't be able to get his hands on a Mirror Force.


I doubt he's playing the pros that can woop Sakas.


He could try Threatening Roar, but that's too much of a stall in an aggressive Deck.


Plus I totally forgot about WSoL!!!!


Use that, dude!

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It'll be a while before I can make any changes, because I'm in a bit of a fix financially, but once everything stabilizes, I can start adjusting. I'm going to keep Cursed seal no matter what, as well as at least one Magic Jammer, since I need to have spell stoppers. I'll also keep Lord of D, since my opponents need to take him out first if they want to use spells/traps on any of my dragons. I might add another one as fusion fodder, since King Dragun protects fellow Dragons, and is a killer in any Dragon Deck as fusion support.


I will add a Trap stopper, like trap Jammer. I'll also add Armed LV10, if I follow the trend. I'll keep the Red Eyes trio, because they are good late in the game, and also Polymerization, but I'll add at least 1 Dragon's Mirror on top of it. I'll replace Spell Absorption with Solemn Wishes, so I have a way to replace LP. Also, if I add 1 LV5, then I'll also add 1 LV3.


Under no circumstances will I add RFtDD. The cost does not outweigh the gain. Until they have a card that can let you keep the monsters you get back from the Different Dimension, I'm not adding it.

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I'm sorry I was so harsh about it, but what's the point of paying half your LP to bring your monsters back from the DD, only to have to return them there at the end of the turn. Especially if your opponent forces its activation. Now, if Dark Hole weren't banned, I'd play RFtDD, pay half my LP, then play Dark Hole to destroy every monster on the field, which sends the Summoned Monsters to the graveyard, and not out of play.


I found a way around the adverse. I'll Add Return. I have one anyway. But I'll also add Imperial Iron Wall once I acquire it, which prevents monsters from being removed from play. Any idea where I can get all the mentioned cards cheaply?

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Ok that's not the points of RFtDD


Its for the following combo:

Clear Opponent's field

Activate Future Fusion

Send 5 Dragons to the Grave

Activate Dragon's Mirror

Remove 5 Dragons, Special Summon FHDragon

Atk for 5000.

Set RFtDD.

Next Turn---

Try to Clear opponent's field again

Activate RFtDD

attack for game.

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Or, Set RFtDD, and Torrential.

Summon Masked Dragon.

End turn.

If Opponent Summons, play Torrential, clear opponent's field.

Next turn, play Future Fusion.

Send five dragons to grave

Play dragon's mirror

Remove all dragons sent ot grave by FF out of play.


Play RFtDD, Summon back all Dragons that I can.

Play HS to remove any S/T's


All Direct Attack for possible OTK.

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