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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Soul Stars [PG-13] Episode 3: Light of Death, Started {Basic}


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Its new and improved! now with 99% more concentrated Awesome!


And after that micro rant...



1. bear with the long winded plot & battle system description

2. do not god mod or power play

3. abide by my rules

4. have some decent rp skills

5. have fun

6. if you are caught breaking rule five, it sucks to be you lol


plot: the world is much like our own, but with different settings from any point in human history (new york city could be five miles up the road from an indian village, followed by a gothic castle). In this world, instead of dueling with decks full of monsters, duelsists use one monster. These monsters' souls are binded to those of their respective human partners at birth. All monsters are born at the same instant their human is. Not all people manage to meet their monster in life, but those that do become duelists. the battles between duelists and their monsters are the worlds largest form of entertainment. All is good with life, or so it seems. Behind the scenes, the evil order of syphurias has been gaining strenghth. Their goal: harvest enough souls to summon the 7 dark gods, the earthbound immortals. They are poised to make themselves known, with their elite, dark synchro wielding titans operatives, spearheading the way. And the national championships are fast approaching...


Battle System- In this Rp, duels are conducted very differently from the standard yugioh. First, you are only allowed one monster. Second, spells and traps are one shot uses (the cards burn after activation). to make spells and traps, a duelsist must put a bit of their blood on a blank card and chant the card's name to create it. Some effects may change just ask and ill let you know. monsters battle until one either faints (tournaments) or dies, also killing the human (fights to the death). deaths of humans also kill their monsters. ATK and DEF points are only considered aproximations of strenght, so it is possible to defeat a creature with higher ATK points. during battle, duelists can use pieces of their souls to form a marble sized "soul star" (level stars on a card) to throw into their monster giving roughly the equivilant of a 100 point boost. each star fatigues the duelist and the number of stars able to be used corresponds to the monster's level.


Application template




Physical description/picture:



Commonly used spells/traps:


Name:Raiden "Rai" Anarzhia



Physical description/picture:Isaacsson.jpg?t=1245380499

Bio: Rai was born in a small town near a very large city. He grew up in awe of duelists, and becoming one was always his aspiration. His dream was realized when he met his partner, Light. His skill in combat are great, and he often thinks up unorthodox stratagies. Rai has qualified for the national championship. He is very cool headed and easy going, often slacking off of work to have a bit of fun.

Monster: Stardust Dragon- Light, rai's stardust dragon, is a bit of a spazz. He gets worked up very easily, but always has some form of work on his mind. He balances out rai's laxidasical attitude. In battle, he prefers close range combat over long range, often relying on the dragon nails spell.

Commonly used spells/traps: Dragon nails, synchro strike, magic jammer, mirror force, and battle tuned.

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Name: Rucario

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Physical description/picture:


Bio: He was born in a Big City. He likes Dueling a lot. He used to be scared of his Partner but since he has been with it since he was born, he has gotten used to having it around. No matter what the situation, he is always calm, knowing that Justice always prevails.

Monster: Blue-Eyes White dragon, always fights for justice. It always keeps a long distance so he can blast the field with Burst Stream of Destruction or Dragon's Gunfire.

Commonly used spells/traps: Burst Stream of Destruction, Dragon's Gunfire.

Burst Stream of Destruction - Deals heavy damage to the Opponent

Dragon's Gunfire - Deals Normal damage to the Opponent

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Sure Ill join, sounds like fun

Name: Zeke Tranis

Age: 13

Gender: M

Physical description/picture: Anime-1-1.jpg

Bio:He met his partner at the age of 8 He and his partner are are like each over a lot, there both calm and collected. And very serious. He and his partner always fight fairly and love dueling . They've had rough starts, but now there very compatible. He also has a sister.

Monster: The Dark Magician

Commonly used spells/traps: Dark Magic Attack, Diffusive Wave Motion and Magic Cylinder


Can I have another character?


Name: Terri Tranis

Age: 11

Gender: F

Physical description/picture: animegirl.png

Bio: She ,met her partner at the age of 8 She and her partner are best friends and there very alike, both are stubborn and very exited a bought everything. She and her brother fight a lot but there partners get along fine with the other persons partner....most of the time ;)

Monster: Dark Magician Girl

Commonly used spells/traps: Magic Cylinder, ( Can alter the effect a bit?), and a card she uses as a last resort, Mage Power.


Also if youll let me make a third character I will, please?


Next one :D


Name: Geo Tranis


Gender: M

Physical description/picture: Brownhairboy.jpg

Bio: Geo is Terri and Zeke's younger brother. There parents died at a young age. He doesn't really like to duil but can and is really good. He just met his monster and they have fun together. There shy.

Monster: Girfried the Iron Knight

Commonly used spells/traps: Sakeretsu Armor, And if hes abought to loose, release restrength.


Dark Magic attack - modifys the dark magician's blast so that it destroys one active spell or trap

Difusion wave motion - re-forms a spell that was previously used

Magic Cylinder - reflects one projectile attack at the opponent

Mage Power - gains 200 atk for each soul star currently invested

Dark Magician girl - She gets 100 att for each spell used.

Gearfread the iron knight - cannot use equip spells

Sakeretsu armor - creates the sakuretsu armor to block one attack

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Side: Syphurias

Name: Photos

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Physical description/picture:evili.png

Bio: He remembers all his life with Syphurias and doesn't remember anything that doesn't have to do with Syphurias. He doesn't know the purpose for taking Souls, in fact, you could say he doesn't know anything. But he still does it believing that this is the way of Justice.

Monster: Frozen Fitzgerald. Photos always uses Rush Recklessly and Reinforcements to power him up.

Commonly used spells/traps: Rush Recklessly, Reinforcements.

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Name: Zack

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Physical description/picture: Zack

Bio: Zack is a very....mysterious person. His face has never been seen by anyone who still lives. A social outcast from the age of 10, Zack met his partner around the same time as his 11th birthday. To this day, his partner has been the only friend he has needed in his search for what all desire, power.

Monster: Tyrant Dragon - Only fitting that a powermad person has a card named Tyrant anything. Tyrant Dragon's lust for power only is surpassed by Zack's own dark lust.

Commonly used spells/traps: Rush Recklessly, Dragon's Gunfire, Stamping Destruction, Magic Cylinder.

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All but promethius accepted.


promethius, uria is WAY too strong. change to a different monster and you can join


Also, you ARE allowed to play as one of the order of syphurias, those that do are allowed a dark synchro monster as their partner (this is preferred).

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after one more person joins we will start.[/align]

Also, the rp will be divided up into separate episodes. I will announce the end of an episode, plus the beginning and title of the next. The story will advance along a semi-pre planned plot, meaning that i have a series of events planned, but the characters can alter the story's progression and send it in a different direction.

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oh and on the effect alterations: before using a spell/trap pm me about its effect if you are unsure whether it needs to be changed. many cards will, and it is safe to assume that all cards that destroy monsters through their effects will have to be changed.

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come to think of it, we can start now. we start when the title changes and when episode one is posted

Episode 1: "The Big Time"

General plot: the first round of the national championships. T Syphurias has a number of operatives in the tournament, scouting out the strongest souls for harvest. The matches have not been announced yet, and it is a bit tense in the competitor's waiting room.

Rai began to munch on a chocolate bar as he continued looking through his card binder; trying to decide what cards would fill the three card limit to his spells and traps for his match. Light, on the other hand, was hovering in midair with his reptillian eyes closed. He was meditating, which he did whenever he felt that something was amiss. He'd been at it for the past half an hour, indicating that whatever he was sensing was of great importance to himself, Rai, or both of them. Rai looked at his partner with a concerned look on his face. "Whats up Light? Something Wrong?"

"....Something is very wrong here. I there is another force here, a malicious one. but i cannot tell you anything other than that. My skills at aquired telepathy suck, quite frankly."

"Thanks. Just keep that in the back of your mind and focus on kicking some tail out there okay?"

"Rai! this is serious! This force is powerful, you idiot."

"I can see that. look, we will figure it out later. Maybe it will become clear in our first match."


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Zack sat, cross-legged on one of the benches in the waiting room. His eyes were closed as he was in a sort of meditation, trying to relax even with the noise of the other compeditors. The people...some of them make me wonder why they even bothered coming here.... A slight roar in Zack's mind echoed in his head. DO not get cocky Zack...they may not look tough, but they have to be strong to make it this far.....Just think...besting them all...we'll have unlimited power..... A smirk crossed Zack's face under the mask as he nodded. "Yeah....Thats always good."

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Zeke and Terri waited in the living room for Geo. Then came out Geo with a huge grin on his face "We passed in!" "Great job!" Said Zeke and Terri. "How was it?" The Dark Magician asked Gearfried. "Easy, didnt even need release restreangth!"

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Blue-Eyes: Something is bothering you, what is it?

Rucario: I sense an energy..........familiar.....

Blue-Eyes: Come to think of it, I sense it too!

Rucario: It's the same Energy as THAT time.....

Blue-Eyes: Don't bring THAT up, that was the most Horrible day of my life. The only day I ever felt fear.

Rucario: Yeah.....

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Photos: No wonder my senses are getting out of whack. This area is full of Strong Souls. Now then....

Frozen Fitzgerald: You are underestimating them.

Photos: Heh, as if you could die.

Frozen Fitzgerald: I could.

Photos: Huh?

Frozen Fitzgerald: One of the Souls here have the power to do that.

Photos: Then let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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