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A third peson on life 09


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The Great Movie


I am an observer nothing more or less. To see someone and say that there a good person or a bad person is just the beginning for me I try to understand why that is. Many of my teachers said that I had a gift for this kind of thing but I don’t think this is true. I believe that this is what they say because they wish to be respected and or liked, if these conditions are met there job will become easier. See, there is always another motive witch is 97percent of the time a selfish one. (Sorry it’s true)

I will give you another example, my sister, an absolutely horrible waste of resources. She believes that everyone around her is inferior; it is because of this that she toys with them. By using a mix of guilt and pity she makes others feel sorry for her and this causes her desired reaction. In other words she gets what she wants. Then before she can achieve the guilt and pity she wants she must do something to create the base for witch they will rest tantrums and fits.

If you lived with me, and like me sat on the couch and observed my family you would see, she is the antagonist in this story of life. My mother and step father are the love interests, and my real farther and I are merely supporting characters. My sister nips at my mom’s current relationship to force them into arguing, however she would have no intention of having them divorced because she wouldn’t have fun afterwards. She alone has the potential to wedge them apart because wither she realizes it or not my step father is not happy with her a good 60percent of the time and my mother is bipolar; all it would take is a little more tantrums and fits, to throw him over. I know for a fact that she believes that because he is not her father he cannot legally lay a hand on her this puts the thought that she can do whatever she wants and get away with it while their alone. The bottom line here is that I disdain my sister and those in my life that can’t see what she’s doing and fall for her tricks; it’s the part of the movie where I cry.

I haven’t said much about me and this is because I observe, put on a mask and pretend to care. I observe for selfish reasons, it kills time and I have too much of it. Eventually I will get a job and observe a new movie, possibly with a new plot’ If not id go elsewhere for a brilliant show. (I wouldn’t quit the job just hang out somewhere meet the people and watch as their life unfolds.) It’s better than TV.

While I'm not watching from under my mask I will be attempting to fulfill my aspirations.

Until then I will continue to observe


If you have questions feel free to ask ill explain as elaborately as possible

And I’d like to know your thoughts on mine, on your masks, roles in the great movie, ect…



Cameron Bester~

8:30pm, June 18th



Finall word, next time think, What is your pespective

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I forced myself to read the first two paragraphs sorry but from what I understand your sisters an ***hat. The best way to resolve this would be to smack her once or twice every time she does that. It's gonna work, trust me. I use it on my cousins all the time, it's nothing they will remember by tomorrow.

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