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Forbidden Card[s] / Remake[s] / Make Your Own :D


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Hello, in this thread all Card Makers can come, and make their own remakes of any Forbidden or Limited card. This is my balanced version of * Confiscation * ... ..




The Original [ Confiscation ] Card - Forbidden


[spoiler=[b]Lore[/b]]Pay 1000 Life Points. Look at your opponent's hand, select 1 card in it, and discard that card.



[spoiler=[b]Rulings & Tips[/b]] * [Re: Dark Necrofear] If this card was discarded from your hand by an opponent's card effect, such as "Confiscation" it does not become an Equip Spell Card during the End Phase, since it was not destroyed.


* [Re: Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude] Since you are only activating the Normal Spell Card's effect, and not the Normal Spell Card itself, you do not pay costs and you do not have to meet any activation requirements. For example, you would not pay 1000 Life Points for "Confiscation"...


* [Re: Fairy Guardian] Spell Cards that are eligible for this card's effect include...Spell Cards discarded from your hand by your opponent's card effect, like..."Confiscation"...


* [Re: Fusion Sword Murasame Blade] This card can be sent from your hand or your Deck to the Graveyard by the effect of "Confiscation"...


* [Re: Magical Thorn] The effect of "Magical Thorn" is applied when the opponent discards during the End Phase to make their hand size 6, discarding for...card effects such as..."Confiscation"...


* Use "Spell Economics" to send any card from your opponent's Hand to the Graveyard for free.


* An Advanced format alternative for this card is a combo of "Mind Haxorz" and "Mind Crush", which costs the same as Confiscation.





The [ Confiscation ] Card's Remake


[spoiler=[b]Lore[/b]]Pay 1000 Life Points. Look at your opponent's hand, select 1 Monster Card in it, and discard that card. Then your opponent looks at your hand, and selects 1 Monster Card in it, and discards it.



[spoiler=[b]Rulings & Tips[/b]]None




Please comments and rates ^_^

Hello any body there ? Please answer me & Reply :D

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1st you guys are mean, and 2nd you don't get the idea it's a remake for forbidden cards, and a playable version for advanced format, and 3rd i didn't rate my own thread. ps: Thanx who ever did rate it. And the banned character who gave me that +rep with the bad comment, F*** you !

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