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Lolling OTK with Cannon Soldier (super funny)

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All you need is Cannon Soldier, Card of Safe Return, 2 Zombie Masters, Double Summon, and a Foolish Burial.




1. Summon Cannon Soldier.

2. Activate Double Summon and Card of Safe Return.

3. Summon 1 Zombie Master.

4. Activate Fool to send the other Zombie Master to the graveyard.

5. Activate Zombie Master's effect to discard a card and summon the other Z.M.

6. Safe Return gets activated, allowing you to draw a card.

7. Tribute the used Z.M. for Cannon Soldier's tribute which does 500 damage.

8. Activate the special summoned Z.M. to summon the other ZM with no hand loss due to Safe Return.

9. This goes on...



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