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[Voltaic] - Deity of Sleep - Hypnos

Dark Mousy

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well, you could change thanatos to a level six and change the his effect to "When this card is Summoned successfully, destroy two of your opponent's monsters" and forelysium field, change the effect so that when any card is removed from play, you can activate any of the three effects. hope that helps.

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Do I smell Saint Seya Knghts of the Zodiac? I think I do. Hypnos is pretty balanced, but:


as a result of battle- by battle.

may- can.


Elysium has OCG which is really hard to reword. its also kinds OP'd.


For Thanatos:

may- can

destroy the select monster- destroyed the selected monster


Pretty OP'd.


I'll give it a 5/10. Keep trying.

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