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Pink Pokemon Recolors

Guest Tiger

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Guest Tiger

[align=center]Welcome to my Pink Pokemon Recolor Shop!


I can recolor any pokemon you want, and make it pink. I only offer the color pink for now...maybe I'll add other colors later, but for now I only offer pink.

If you are not satisfied with your order, you get your money back.


6/19 - Shop opened





[spoiler=Rules - READ OR ELSE]

-Obey all forum rules

-When the waiting list is full, DO NOT ORDER!!!

-Do not ask when it will be ready. It will be ready when it is done.

-I am NOT hiring, so do not ask to be hired.

-If I don't finish your order within 24 hours, you get it free.

-If you have any question, DO NOT post them, PM your questions to me.











[spoiler=Order Form]



Price = 1-3 Points depending on difficulty.





[spoiler=Waiting List]








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