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My New Cards 1

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These are some of my first cards, if errors such as unproffessional text or not capitalizing word, ignore them. This is also my first post, even though i have been a member for a while, because at first i didn't want to show my cards. Also, i am working on a new Archetype, don't be mean at the images, I drew them with the best of my skills on Paint.


TEXT FOR RITUAL MONSTER CARD: This card can only be Summoned with the card "Inferno Spell Ritual" and you must offer cards whose LV totals 9 or higher. This card is unaffected by Spell, Trap, or Monster effects. When this card destroys a monster, select one of the following effects.

A: Inflict Direct Damage to your opponent equal to the ATK or DEF of the destroyed monster, which ever is higher.

B: The opponent must discard cards equal to the LV of the destroyed monster.

C: Increase your LP by the LV of the destroyed monster x600 points.

D: Your opponent cannot declare a Draw Phase or Battle Phase during their next turn.


**NOTE** : the card "Orange Mushroom" is from MapleStory, a online game. I just made it because the mushroom is funny and it is pure ownage!!!


**NOTE** : DON'T ask me why there are so many Normal cards, hey there have to be some anyways.


**NOTE** : these are my first cards, some are not because you can tell the text is more like a REAL card.






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