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my first cards! (starcraft based)


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This is what i have so far for the zerg. I tried to make them "weak" but with strong abilities to support each other and to bring alot of monster to the field quickly. Basicly; strength in numbers. still not done. Im planning to make more spell "ability" cards to relect upgrades from the game. Making ones to work with kerrigan and the overmind as well. Planning to make a terran and Protoss set too, terrans being medium strength cards with medium strength tap and spell cards but with many stratigies and options, while protoss being High attack and def with strong trap and magic cards but with high tribute amounts and high life point costs to play cards. If your a fan of the Video game, i hope you see that i tried to be fairly accurate

Tell me what you think and how i can improve and please point out spelling mistakes; I suck at writing >_<



Torrasque's effect -This cards name is treated as "Zerg Ultralisk"

-At the end of each turn destroy all lelvel 3 or lower monsters on you opponents side of the field

-This card's level may not be reduced by any cards effect

-If this card is in your graveyard, sacrifice two monsters on the playing filed to put it back into your hand


Overmind's effect -This card can only be targeted by the effects of "Gantrithor" and "High Dose Neurostims"

-All Zerg type monsters on the field are uneffected by your opponents trap or magic cards

-All Protoss type monsters in the duel have their level increased by 1 star

-Once per turn you may take one zerg type monster from you graveyard and move it to your deck. Shuffle you deck afterwards

-For every monster card in the graveyard with "Cerebrate" in its name this card loses 400 DEF

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