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Terminator Doomsday

Drunken Fist

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This RP is being written by Myself and Extreme Enigma


The year is 2030 the human population is dwindling and in a last ditch effort the Resistance ave decided to launch operation Blackout which involves the Resistance using a massive EMP device it will short out all Terminators circuits within a 30 mile radius of the major branch of Skynet Industries BUT the only person who knows how to build the device has been captured by the Terminators, his name is Gordon Ross

The Machines are atempting to Detain Professer Ross while the Resistance is attempting to rescue him


[spoiler=Submision Form-Resistance]


Weapons(max 4+ a knife):






[spoiler=Submission form-Machines]



Attached weapons(max 4):

Skynet Branch(city):

Current Assigment:

as Machines proceed and do missions they slowly gain the power of free will allowing them to do whatever assignment they wish



Any assignments from the head CPU of Skynet to the Machines will be sent Via PM aswell as Transmissions from John Conner to the Resistance


[spoiler=Current Characters]

Name: John Conner

Weapons: Desert Eagle, Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher, various explosives

Branch:Main Base

Age: 36 (roughly)

Bio: if you have watched the Terminator movies you should know


Name: Blair Williams

Weapons: Desert Eagle, Assault Rifle, Shotgun

Branch: Main Base

Age: early 30's



[spoiler=Mine and Enigma's Submissions]


HBK's Submission

Name: Scott Mitchells

Weapons:Desert Eagle, Kalashnikov-Bayonet, Hidden Blades in Boots and

Age: 26

Gloves,Benelli M4 90 My shotgun

Branch:San Antonio Texas



Enigmas Submission

Name: Maat Ross

Weapons:Attached Minigun that he is unaware of

Branch: Main Base

Age: 8

Bio:Is the son of professor Ross and his wife Erica Ross, When his mother was captured by Skynet she was pregnant with Maat the Machines experimented with the unborn child, attaching a chip to his brai, which developed, he retains his human personality, however he occasionally looses control and lapses into a terminator-like state, acting on current terminator orders, and becomming aware of his mini-gun.


Name: Erica Ross

Weapons: Desert Eagle and a weak EMP Rifle


Branch: Main Base

Bio: She is a field medical officer adn wife of the Professer and Mother of Maat





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Name:Blair Williams (Infiltration Unit)

Model (Explain): T-R.I.P. (Resistance Infiltration Prototype) A new type of cybernetic organisms used to infiltrate Resistance strong-holds..

Attached weapons:Laser cannon (Used by Terminator on 3rd film),Decharger (Can disable a human or cyber organism for a certain amont of time),Machine gun (Used by it's T-600 Predecessor) and finally,Advanced model desining meaning it's stronger,faster,smarter and sleeker than it's other predecessors.

Skynet Branch(City):San Francisco

Current Assigment:Infiltrate Resistance,terminate Blair Williams,gain John Connor's trust,terminate John Connor.

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