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Nightmare Entites and Field Card Realm of Nightmare are here!


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These are the Nightmare Entites, Spirits of Nightmare that are the essence of various effects. They cannot survive outside the Realm of Nightmare (also below), so they are a bit like toon monsters in that respect...


The importance of adding Curse Counters to your opponent's monsters will be revealed when I make the Spells/Traps of Son of Nightmares.





If anyone could say whether the Life Point cost for this card should be increased, it would help. Fusions are my next installment.




I'll soon be making a Trap that can bring Entites back from the Removed From Play Zone (not that that's really a zone), but I am unsure if they should be sent to the deck or the hand, and if all or just one should come back... any suggestions, maybe?




The pictures for these cards are all Google Searched, so the credit goes to whoever chose to make them searchable. Some pics are a bit suckish, I agree. An increase in LP cost was put here along with an increase in destruction.




Evil Graffiti. Sometimes I don't understand myself.




And that is the only field card in the set. The effect is inspired by Ancient Gear Castle, and altered slightly.


Let me know what you think, OCG fixes would help if they're needed.:D

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