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al9090 vs CloudPwnRiku Duel Off!!


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Do all of that other stuff again lol.

I sacrifice my summoner monk to summon Dark Red Enchanter.

1700 ATK but effect adds 2 spell counters to it and for every spell counter on it it gaisn 300 ATK (2300). Flip summon my old vindictive magician and destroy your la jinn.

I attack with my two face up atk monsters to deal 2,750 damage to your lp.


Me- 8000


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k my turn i draw

frist i summon combo fighter then as a chain i activate dark core and destroy red by discarding dark magition then i use horn of the unicorn (ATK 23000 and if there is a chain combo can atk twice so i atk magition and u directly

me 5800

u 5100

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i have magical exemplar u destryed my dark red enchanter......i summoned my other magician 2 turns ago. and your combo fighter attacks were negated

DANG IT!!!! Im srry dude well have to put this duel on hold just do your turn then ccheck back in about 11 1/2 to 2 hours

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