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Trying to make a Ritual P2


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So, I followed some pieces of advice and I remade my 2 Ritual Cards.



(changed the image)



Effect added: "This monster can only be Ritual Summoned with the Ritual Spell Card, "Holy Seeds". You must also offer monsters whose total Level Stars equal 8 or more as a Tribute from the field or your hand. Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 face-up monster you control to Special Summon 1 Plant-Type monster from your hand."


Enjoy, and thanks for the help!

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Now this is way better you took my adivice and made a card.

and i like the effect ive never seen a monster with that effect is it original or did you get the idea from a real card.


Well, part by myself, part "Lonefire Blossom". But it thought it would seem too OP, so I changed it a little...

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