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Kaiawaki High RP {Started} Accepting by Post


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Although well be in school and goto class.We wint learn anything just past notes xD. Anyway this rp is what happens at Kaiawaki (Kai-a-waki) High in Hawaii.Thing's will happen Football games Beach Party's .





Age: (You are in High school)

Extra-Curricular Activates:

Personality:(At least 3)






My app

Name: Rando Malawaki

Age: (You are in High school) 17

Extra-Curricular Activates: Football,Baseball , Cook Club (Secretly)

Personality:(At least 3) Jock Social Athletic Flirty Crafty

Crush: Sabrina


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Byakuya Kuchiki (朽木 白哉)
26 (Stays Around The School To Help Kids)
[b]Extra-Curricular Activates[/b]
- Bleach Club(Creator/Owner)
- Wrestling Club
- Chess Club (Enjoys The Silence AND The Strategic Element)
Byakuya Seems Always Serene And Apathetic Towards Other People, Even When He Is Actually Deeply Conflicted. He Is Also Extremely Calm, Even In Battle, And Is Very Seldom Surprised By Even The Most Drastic Of Actions.

Byakuya Is A Highly Perceptive Fighter, Being Able To Almost Immediately Determine An Opponent's Attack Patterns And Weaknesses. He Is Also Crafty Tactician As Demonstrated From How Effectively He Uses His Moves To Confuse His Opponents. He Can Discern The Motives And Abilities Of His Opponents And Effectively Use His Knowledge To End The Battle In His Favor.
N/A (Most Girls Find Him Attractive, Due To His Mysterious/Calm Personality)
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