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Crunchy Nut Earthbounds

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Monsters: 22

Tribute/ Nomi: 8

3x Immortal - Ccapac Apu

2x Destiny Hero Dasher

2x Caius the Shadow Monarch

1x Great Maju Garzet


Non-Tribute: 14

3x Armageddon Knight

3x Hardened Armed Dragon

1x Sangan

1x Spirit Reaper

3x Zombie Master

2x Giant Rat

1x Dark Grepher

Spells: 13

2x Zombie World

3x Mauseleom of the Empreor

3x Terraforming

1x RotA

1x Monster Reborn

1x Giant Trunade


Trap: 7

2x Dark Bribe

3x Threatening Roar

1x Mirror Force

1x Light Imprisoning Mirror


Extra: ?15?




* I'm not running DAD, even with Gold Series 2, it's too expensive

* Thinking of Dark Creator or Darklord Zerato

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