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Alex Mercer Adventures - Episode 2 *Must be 13 years or older!*


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I'm back with Episode 2. We have 2 new characters, and their names are:
Amanda: http://kayla-chan.deviantart.com/art/Army-Brat-117446367
Commander Jack: http://undonepublications.deviantart.com/art/Warrant-Officer-Gren-62723524
Here goes:

Alex: 4700 Longhorn: 8000

Alex: Damn it! I'm not gonna die! DRAW! Hmm...
Longhorn: *This damn kid never gives up...*
Alex: I summon Ryu-Kishin in Attack Position! And set 2 cards face-down. End my turn! Your move, tightwad!
ATK/1000 DEF/500
Longhorn: Namecalling? How rude! And again with the suckish Fiend! I summon Axe Raider in Attack mode!
ATK/1700 DEF/1150
Rahz! Attack!
Alex: Activate Sakuretsu Armor! Destroy Field-Commander Rahz!
Longhorn: What the hell? No!
Alex: Who's the dumb one now, Longmouth?
Longhorn: That's Longhorn you asswipe!
Alex: Ooooo... that hurt Randy, but it's my turn now! DRAW! I summon Frenzied Panda, and use Polymerization, to sacrifice my Panda and Kishin to summon Barox! In DEF position!
ATK/1380 DEF/1530
Longhorn: Would you please make a smart decision for once!? Axe Raider! Attack!
Alex: A smart decision? No problem! I activate Castle Walls!
Longhorn: Wha-?
Alex: My Barox gains 500 DEF points until the end of the turn!
Longhorn: No! You stupid Raider! Come back! Don't attack! No! Agh!

Alex: 4700 Longhorn: 7670

Longhorn: No matter! He's not even destroyed! DRAW! I set 1 card face-down! Axe Raider, attack again!
Alex: Tsk, tsk, tsk!
Longhorn: What? What in God's name are you smirking about? Answer now!
Alex: I could use Quick-Plays! Ring a bell?
Longhorn: What? No!
Alex: I activate Book of Eclipise!
Longhorn: No! No, you can't do that!
Alex: I believe I can! All monsters are flipped into face-down DEF position! Although you draw 1 card at the end of this turn, and Axe Raider is flipped back face-up, it's worth it!
Longhorn: Grrrrrrrrrr!!! I end and draw!
Alex: Good! My turn! Draw! Yes! I sacrifice Barox to summon Neck Hunter!
ATK/1750 DEF/1900
Longhorn: Daaaaaaammmnnn!!!!!!
Alex: Attack!

Alex: 4700 Longhorn: 7620

Alex: I also set 2 cards face-down!
Longhorn: You son of a bi-
Man: Longhorn!
Longhorn: Huh? Oh! Commander Jack! I-I-I-...
Alex: Huh?
Jack: Your time is up!
Longhorn: No! Please! Sir!

Jack took out a gun and fired. The crowd went silent.

Jack: Get back to your duties. Now!
Alex: What the? Why'd you do that!? What was the point!?
Jack: Calm down kid. I had a reason. Look, a while back, Randy beat me in a duel, by cheating, and took all that I owned. My family eventually starved and died. So I told him I would kill him, unless he beat someone in a duel. But he was too slow. That was it.
Alex: Oh...
Jack: Kid, come with me. You won't be killed, but you will be a military trainee officer.
Alex: *Damn!*

Jack took him to a room with a bunk bed and a girl.

Jack: Amanda!
Amanda: Huh? What?
Alex: *She doesn't sound very enthusiastic about being in the military*
Jack: This is your new roomate, Alex Mercer. Alex, this is Amanda.
Amanda: What the hell man!? I have to have an f'n roomate!?
Jack: Calm down. You'll like him.

Jack closed the door.

Amanda: Oh great...
Alex: What a room... *And what a roomate*

Alex glanced at Amanda.

Alex: *WOW! She's hot!* No, I won't let her get to me. I need to find out my purpose in life. Who killed my-
Amanda: Hey.
Alex: ?
Amanda:Yeah you. What's your name?
Alex: Well if you were listening, you would now, smart one.
Amanda: ... *I'm gonna like this kid*

[i]To be continued[/i]

Please comment. Peace.
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