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Which Pres. Is Your Pick???


Which Pres. Is Better  

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  1. 1. Which Pres. Is Better

    • Obama
    • Bush
    • Both
    • They suck
    • I could care less

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Well..........which pres is yours...........Obama' date='Bush,[b']clittion[/b],Regan,lincoln,washinton,or another

Mines Ronald Regan

Epic typo. Also, Regan failz. Also, eh, I gues Jorje Washin'ton cuz he was true to the spirit of the country.

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Obama's WAY WAY better than Bush' date=' but overall, I'd say either Lincoln or George Washington.



How would you know? You weren't even conscious during his presidency... You're 12... =/


Roosevelt. I don't think there was any better =/


But out of the recent two, Bush

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FOR EVERYONE THATS STUPPID OBAMA SCREDED MESSED UP AND ****** our *COUNTRY*(wat was a counntry) WIT A 3 tRIllion dollar Stimlious bill WHICH KILLED OUR ECONMY WHILE HE LAUGHED and he still says its helping wen the umemployedment rate is 10 %!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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