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Ichigo & Ulquiorra Color[W.I.P]


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Black is always FTW


Or... use white for ulqui - san's hair


White =o

So you suggest I use solid white?

It could work......not.

I could use actual lighting but that wont look how you picture it.

I think you want me to use a gray to add in with Ulq's hair, for shading, right?

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But white can do alot with some ocpacity changes...


Gray could work ehh' date=' I'm too lazy to try this crazy manga coloring shading GFX... but you are the master...


Do whatever is right to you XD



With some opacity changes it will still appear to be some white light coming from behind Ulq and will not add depth to his hair.


Gray should work, I hope.


I think I will.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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