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learn the secrets of the evolution Heros (E HERO Synchros)

duel tester

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a new arch-type i thouht of


[ EV-hero phenix Queen ]

ATK 2200 DEF 1800 Fire atribute LV 6

synchro/winged beast/Effect

this card can only be specal sumoned from extra deck

by tributing E hero burstinatrix and a wind atribute tuner monster

when this card is targeted by a monster attack inflict damage

equal to half of the atacking monsters attack to your opponents life points. if this monster targeted by a monster effect negate the effect

if targeted by a spell or trap by discarding one trap card from your hand

negate the effect and return all spell and trap cards to the owners hands


[ EV-hero Storm Paladin ]

ATK 2600 Def 2500 Light Atribute LV 7


this card can only be specal sumoned from extra deck

by tributing E hero Sparkman and a water atribute tuner monster.

Tribute one face up spell or trap card distroy two cards on the field.

When a monster with HERO in its name is removed from play increase your life points by 500. By sending one monster from the extra deck to the graveyard during your standby phase this monster canot be distroyed until your next standby phase


[EV-hero Stone shaman]

ATK 1800 Def 3000 Earth Atribute LV 8


this card can only be specal sumoned from extra deck

by tributing E hero Clayman and a dark atribute tuner monster

when this card is in defence mode all other monsters on the field canot be distroyed by effects,spells or traps when in atack mode and canot be distroyed in battle when in defence mode. inflict 800 points of damage to your oponent for every spell card sent to the graveyard and your opponent gains 400 life points for every trap returned to their hand.

this monster can only be distroyed in defence mode.


i need some ocg errors pointed out and sugestions on how to make them beter and Please list one or two good things about the cards

thank you

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EV-hero Phoenix Queen

ATK 2200 DEF 1800 FIRE Level 6


This card can only be Special Sumoned from the Extra Deck by tributing 1 "Elemental Hero Burstinatrix" and a WIND tuner monster. When this monster is attacked, before damage calculation, inflict damage to your opponent's Life Points equal to half the ATK of the attacking monster. Negate the an Effect Monster's effect that targets this card. If this card is targeted by the effect of a Spell or Trap Card, by discarding one Trap Card, negate the effect of that card and return all Spell and Trap Cards on the field to their owner's hands.


There's a fix for the first card, might not be perfect, I was using some old cards to get some of the wording.


Anyway, I really wish people would let E-Heros die or play the Archtype straight, I've seen people try and mix them with Synchros before and it isn't a good idea. E-Heros are the game's main FUSION Archtype. They have lots of FUSION support, FUSION monsters and are otherwise based around FUSION. If you want to expand upon it, please, for the love of God, don't try and move away from the fusions. /personal rant.


Anyway, it's hard to say much that's good about them. You ignored the point of Hero's and the OCG is so bad that I can't even be sure of what the last two cards are even supposed to do so I can't comment on balance, although from the look of the first one, you tried to give them too many effects when something small would have been fine. Other than that, I don't know what I could comment on, sorry if this was too harsh.

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