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Name The Card Contest! (Yoshi & Mario card)


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How are you guys doing!? Cause today is the "Name The Card Contest!". This card is a Nintendo with what name? You Decide!!!




Contest Rules:

The Rules are simple, in this contest there is four phase's. I will pick two extra judges (they will both get 1 reputation point). Ask to be a judge in your post if you want to. To Enter just post a name for the card. (Don't forget capital letters in card names. Card names posted without capitalization will not be picked.)

Phase 1: Three days of card names being posted.

Phase 2: Three days of judging. (This is where the lucky judges come in.)

Phase 3: Vote between the three names chosen by the three judges. (There will be only one day of voting.)

Phase 4: Winner is declared!

Have fun! (I already know the OCG is off a bit so please don't comment about the OCG.)

I forgot to mention the winner gets a reputation point by all judges.

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