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1v1 Halo Ring vs Nate12345 Voting

General Assclown

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Halo Ring vs Nate12345



Winner- 15 points from Loser and 3 positive rep.

Loser - Pays winner 15 points and 1 positive rep.




Card = 30th of June

Contest = 10th of July



Halo Ring's entry -




Effect : 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters

When this card is Successfully Summoned, remove from play all cards on your side of the field except this card. Inflict x400 for every card removed from play. During your 3rd standby phase that this card was Successfully Summoned, add all the cards removed from play by this cards effect, back onto your side of the field. Then place this card face-down in one of your Spell or Trap Card Zones. Activate this face-down card when your Opponent loses Life Points. Double the damage your Opponent sustained.


Nate12345's Entry -




Effect : When this card is summoned, Equip this monster with all face-up Equip Cards on the field. If the target of the Equip Card is not correct, destroy the Equip Card. Once per turn you can pay 1000 Life points to select 1 Equip Card from your Graveyard and Equip it to this card. Double all Increases and Negate all Decreases of Equip cards Equipped to this card.

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