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[FDF]New Cards

Fay D. Flourite

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Dark Ruin Beast


[spoiler=Lore]When this monster is successfully Special Summoned to the field while a Field Spell is activated, destroy the Field Spell and add 1 'Dark Ruin-Shattered Valley' Spell Card from your Deck to your hand. This monster cannot attack.



Dark Ruin Beaat- Alchemic Caster


[spoiler=Lore]By Tributing 1 non-'Dark Ruin Beast' on your side of the field, you can Special Summon 1 'Dark Ruin Beast' in face-up Attack Position. The Special Summoned 'Dark Duin Beast' cannot attack the turn it is summoned.



And this set's signature card, the Synchro monster Dark Ruin Beast- Shatter Valley Fear Angel


[spoiler=Lore]1 'Dark Ruin Beast' tuner monster + 1 or more 'Dark Duin Beast' non-tuner monsters

This card cannot be destroyed as a result of battle. When this monster is successfully Synchro Summoned while 'Dark Ruin- Shattered Valley' is in play, destroy all 'Dark Ruin Beast' on the field. Increase this monster's ATK by 200 for every 'Dark Ruin Beast' in your Graveyard. When there are 5 or more 'Dark Ruin Beast' in your Graveyard, this card can attack twice during each of your Battle Phases. When your opponent targets this card with the effect of a Trap or Spell card, Special Summon 1 'Dark Ruin Beast' from your hand.



I am still looking for a suitable picture for "Dark Ruin- Shattered Valley", so if you have any suggestions please PM me. Hope you enjoy.

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