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The balls of Paris.(A love RP.)


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I got the Idea from two different RPs by my brother.

[spoiler=Plot]You live in present day Paris. You go to many dances that can last very long.










[spoiler=My app]




Personality:Kind, but very, very shy.




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Byakuya Kuchiki
Byakuya Seems Always Serene And Apathetic Towards Other People, Even When He Is Actually Deeply Conflicted. He Is Also Extremely Calm, And Is Very Seldom Surprised By Even The Most Drastic Of Actions.
Has A Thing For Vikki, Yet She Is Too Shy(Meaning When He Goes To Ask He Out, She Kinda Walks Away Or Something Like That)
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Name: Meti Crystale

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: Quite philosophical and likes to make references to music.


Bio: Meti is an american who moved to Paris in order to excape the military draft in the United States. He had left his family behind and decided to start a different life as a musician. Although, he has also caught eye on dancing. He likes to go to dances to socialized with the local community. However, he has never danced in his entire life.

He also doesn't know many people in France, because he only moved into his new apartment nearly a week ago.

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OoC: Thanks. And thank your sis for inviting me. I think this can be cool. :)




Meti finally unpacked the last of his boxes and set his personal belongings around his new apartment in a way that they were both out of the way, yet still accessable. It's only been a week since he first moved into his rather well-sized apartment in Paris, but he's quickly become accustomed to the community. He was also invited to one of the local dances tonight by a really helpful friend of his at his new job. Ironicly, it was the same person that helped him into his new apartment.

He stared at a portrait of him and his family while dressing nice for the dance. He missed his family, but he had leave. Otherwise, he would have been taken anyway, the military back at home was cruel when it came to new recruits.

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OoC: Since this is inactive, I'll bump it then. :)




Dressed and ready to go, Meti took one last look at his family photo and then headed out of his apartment door.

He kept his cell phone on vibrate in case someone called him later.

I wander how dances are like in France. he thought to himself as he made his way to the first dance he's ever been to.

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