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Is this a good idea?  

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  1. 1. Is this a good idea?

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I made a zombie deck, but i didn't post it because it was very annoying copying and pasting each card over and over. so i was thinking of a set upload function were it would upload the entire set so you could copy and past it into a thread. if you want to add to this PM me and i will add your suggestion to this.


[align=center]SUPPORT LIST

1. froggyman2

2. .:Metal Militia:.

3. Blackwing-Master

4. anbuman

5. ____pi____

6. The Godslayer

7. starfire3

8. moldfire

9. Anime-Manga Lover

10. Kira the Savior

11. SynchroDuelist

12. .:Legend:.

13. JBlaster

14. Çå®∂îñål



List will be extended.

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Even though I'm new and I haven't tried to post a whole set yet. I do know how to post a card. I can't imagin how long it takes to do a 40 card deck. :shock: SO I WILL SO SUPPORT THIS GREAT AND WONDERFULL IDEA!!! (Freedom of speach, isn't it great.)

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i think it would be neat to have a feature on the card maker that allowed us to utilize the new organization method in a similar way you suggest. You could highlight the set you want, based on the set number, and then you could press a button and upload the information to a new thread.


but, that wont ever work. it would take forever to upload all the cards, and then it would never be able to create a thread by itself with the info on it. if it could, it would take a lot of time and effort into coding...


so, no support.

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