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Current (IRL) GB deck.


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Went 5-3 with this. Lost to all Blackwings XD. (Last 1 was Bull though, he got a FTK on both matches) I was just posting this to see what (cheap) changes I could make. No, I'm not this bad at deckmaking. This is just what I have atm.

(on a side note, what to side in against blackwings?)

Placed 52/158. Went from 17th to 52nd by losing last match lol.


Monsters (19) :

Test Tiger x3

GB Laquari x2

GB Equeste x1

GB Hoplomus x1

GB Murmy x1

Rescue Kitty x2

GB Bestiari x1

E Hero Prisma x1

Summoner Monk x1

X-Saber Airbellum x2

GB Samnite x2

GB Darius x2



GB Proving Ground x2

MST x1

Book of Moon x2

Shrink x2

Cold Wave x2

Monster Reborn x1

Heavy Storm x1

Smashing Ground x1


Traps( 8 ):

TT x1

MF x1

BTH x2

War Chariot x2( i only own 2)

Waboku x3


I was thinking about -2 BTH. +2Econ? (More Monk fodder, faster, can help take out big stuff ( That's already on the field))

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