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General's Colosseum


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Monsters: 20


D.D. Crow x3

D.D. Warrior x3

Exiled Force x3

Freed the Matchless General x3

Marauding Captain x3

Strike Ninja x2

Twilight Rose Knight x3


Spells: 13


Allure of Darkness x2

Brain Control

Giant Trunade

Kaiser Colosseum x3

Monster Reborn

Mystical Space Typhoon

Reinforcement of the Army

The Warrior Returning Alive x3


Traps: 7


Crush Card Virus

Dark Bribe x3

Solemn Judgment x3





Ok, basically, the idea of this deck is to get Freed out (alone) along with Kaiser Colosseum, defend it with the traps, and supply monsters to deal with situations quickly, eventually, when you have firm control you can start to use Synchros and things.



[spoiler=Card choices]

If my logic behind the use of a card is questioned I'll post my reasoning here


Strike Ninja

This provides me with an extra beatstick without allowing your opponent to summon additional monsters, becuse when they attempt to summon, Ninja can be removed, reducing the maximum amount of monster they're allowed, before the newly summoned monster hits the field.


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drop the 2 allures for 2 reckless greeds. you dont have that many targets for it, plus what help is a removed crow, and strike ninja anyway? also id say probably get rid of the 2 ninjas for another level 4 warrior like disicple of the forbidden spell, or bushi *level 3, but he would help this deck a lot*

-2 allure

-2 strike ninja

+2 reckless greed

+2 disicple of the forbidden spell/bushi.

hope this helps.

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Well I really don't know that I need a Draw Engine at all considering that I have a good Search Engine, and in turns where I don't particularly need anything I'll draw normally, giving me most of my monster pool at my beck-and-call, and My spells and traps being rather redundant bar some of the counter traps and Kaiser, but yes, perhaps you're right, Reckless may work, although it will effect Freed-searching, as that occurs in the Draw Phase.

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