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I made this card a while ago but i would like to see if there are any positives or negatives and i did a holo for it :wink:.


Image credit goes to http://www.thinktankstudios.com/creatures.html





[spoiler=Effect]By discarding 1 Monster Card from your hand to the Graveyard during your Main Phase, this card would then be treated as a Zombie-Type Monster untill the End Phase. As long as this card is treated as a Zombie-Type Monster, it is unaffected by the effects of your opponents Spell and Trap Cards. During your Battle Phase, you can inflict 1000 Damage to your opponents Life Points. You can then Special Summon the Monster Card you discarded during your Main Phase to the field in face-up Defense Position untill the End Phase of your next turn. If you did not discard 1 card from your hand, your opponent must discard 1 card from their hand and send it to the Graveyard. This card cannot attack when this effect is applied.


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Nice effect. 1 card loss for the immunity of spells and traps per turn (though getting that discarded monster back seems to make it slightly OPed' date=' might want to consider removing that effect)




I guess it would be OPed but it does only lasts untill the end phase of the next turn and stays in defense position for the turn when activated so it sort of balances it out.


Thanks for ratings and comments

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