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This OTK is very situational, it requires 2 Limited cards, although 1 is easier to obtain.




-Miricale Firtilizer

-Mass Driver/(toon)Cannon soldier/ shadow priest/ DSF


Step1: Brionic, Toss n burn card, and CoSR active.


Step2: Activate MF and special summon the appropriate plant. Draw from Deck.


Step3: Activate Brionic, toss a card. Return MF. Launch the plant with either "Toss n burn" monster. Repeat steps 2-3 until Game.


Step4: ????


Step5: Profit


You can even go as far as using optional cards as SoDS or Cockroach Knight, but you shouldn't have to. 10 cards is all that is required if you use Shadow priest on MT, or shorter if you use Tytanial with DSF.

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It's essentially 1 Limited card for the purposes of measuring situationality' date=' as Brionac is no harder to Special Summon at 1 than he is at 3.


I'm fairly sure this has been posted before, though. It's certainly not new.



And when you take in account the 2 gold sarc you can run now this combo is fairly easy to assemble. Anyway there are so many ways to kill with brionac that a reminder once in a while doesn't hurt.

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