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Buying All Templates Signatures And Anything with a PSD OR .XCF . Exclusive rights.

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Like the Title, I am buying all types of signatures. The PSD's need to come with them though.


If you have any post them and follow with a price.


I do not offer on anything unless I want the offer to go lower.


So post them!


I will buy any!


PSD's have to be with them.

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o.O I have some stuff for you.




100-150 Points




50-100 Points



I know they may be expensive, but the outcome is good, no? And I know that there aren't many layers, but the outcome is still good, no? Oh, and if anyone else than Hioco want's to buy these, the prices are the same. If you want ER (Exclusive Rights) Hioco, please say so before I sell to anyone else.

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[spoiler=V1 War Zone]






[spoiler=V2 War Zone]






I will label the PSDs when I get back home, then I'll put them up here. It will be either late tonight or tomorrow, though.


Both PSDs can be bought for a solid 350 points. =P Do we have a deal?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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