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How do I Troll Flips?


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[align=center]OK, if you saw the awesome Flip Troll decks that are such a fad right now, and you want a deck like that, but you're poor and can't afford things like Fossil Dyna Pacycephalo, this is for you!


This deck is made entirely of commons.





///Guard Dog\\\

Seriously, why have we not used this as Anti GB yet?

///Des Lacooda\\\

//Guardian Sphinx\\

//Koa'ki Meiru Guardian\\

//Golem Sentry\\

//Medusa Worm\\

//Gravitic Orb\\

//Old V. Magician\\



//Back to Square One\\

//Nobleman of C.\\






/Cold Wave\


//Summon Limit\\

//Trap Hole\\

//Seven Tools\\

//Karma Cut\\


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Because Deck Lock Down is more effective.

Flip Trolls isn't awesome.


People on this site only think it is 'awesome' because it has 5 versions and tronta adverstises it as being amazing.


This site is full of noobs, a lot of people who make cards who are seven.


That deck will never top anything.

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well, this one is flawed, but the flip trolls deck concept is fairly sound. its not top of the meta, but there would be no forum if we just posted ls over and over again.


flip trolls /is/ probably the most fun/cheap deck out there that actually /is/ straightup competitive.


and deck lockdown is terribad.


besides, i never once said it was amazing. i only say that its fun. because it really is.


if you dont like the site, leave, you troll. the only possibly tourny winning decks here are posted by jd because theyre usually meta up the ass. anyone can netdeck a SJCtop16 and think theyre amazing, but it takes some true talent and skill to make a low tier deck even close to competitive.


and fyi, flip trolls 3 beat the team captain of team shadow at brads. that guy was funking pissed.


i do like the idea of guard dog as an anti gb tech


but you mixed up flip effects with flip summon effects.


flip effects > flip summon effects


cards like morphing jar #2 are pro commons.


but aside from pachy, which was flip 4, the decks are overall ridiculously cheap.


a whole flip troll deck can cost like, 20-30 bucks.

which is dirt cheap.

and they arent bad.

and theyre more fun than any meta or high tier deck.

and they have no script.

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