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How to make a realistic card

Harbinger of Doom

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Making a realistic Yu-Gi-Oh! Card is actually very easy if you know what to do.



First, think of a good name for a card.

*if you are creating an archetype by name, decide on what all cards' names will have in common (Monarch, Ally of Justice etc.)



Shadow Entite - Bahamut


*Make sure it is a creative name, i've seen some people make cards that are called things like "Ice Dragon" and "Blue-Eyes Chick".


Next, Choose a level depending on how strong you want your card to be. Also pick an attribute.



Level 10 @@@@@@@@@@ DARK


Third, decide, based on the level of your monster and the effect your going to give it (or if your going to give it one), the ATK and DEF points



ATK/ ? DEF/ ?


*important note, be VERY sure that the ATK and DEF points are decent, i've seen youtube videos of people creating Level 4 (@@@@) monsters with around 3000 ATK and no drawbacks, so if you are going to have high ATK and DEF for your monster's level, give it a drawback in its effect.


The hardest part of creating any card is creating an effect and making it sound good. Judge by its level and ATK and DEF, how powerfull is your monster's effect going to be (if your giving it one)? Here's a few tips to help you out:


(1)Start with summon conditions if any

Eg: -can't be normal summoned/set/special summoned except by...



(2)If, like my example, it has undefined (?) ATK/DEF, mention how it's ATK/DEF power is gained.

Eg: ATK/DEF points are equal to...


(3)Does it have a drawback?

Eg: You must tribute at least 1... to...


(4)How can it turn the duel around?

Eg: If... controls any... destroy all...


(5)What happens when it's destroyed? Can it be?

Eg: a) When this card is destroyed and sent to the graveyard...

b)This card cannot be destroyed by...


Finally, the absolute hardest thing about making a card is writing the card text. Study some real cards and learn how they're written. Put all of your effects together and viola!


Eg: This card cannot be normal summoned or set (1). This card cannot be special summoned except by tributing 3 DARK-attribute monsters on your side of the field (3). This card's ATK/DEF is equal to the total ATK/DEF of the tributed monsters (2). If your opponent controls any Attack Position during your End Phase, destroy all Attack Position monsters your opponent controls (4).


Add a picture and you're done. Here's the end result of the example card (which I actually created beforehand):




Note: if creating flavor text (normal monsters)be very descriptive, don't just put "a ghost that comes from halloween" or "this dragon lives in a mountain cave" do something like "A rare cave dragon that lives high in the mountains. Very elusive, not many have seen it."


Spell and Trap Cards


To make a good Spell or Trap card, follow the basic text structure of a monster. Here's a few extra tips:


(1) How is it activated? Is there a cost?

Eg- Activate only by...


(2) How will it influence the game?

Eg- Destroy all... / Discard... / Special Summon


(3) How does it make your cards stronger?

Eg- Increase the... of a... on the field... by...


(4) What does it prevent?

Eg-... cannot declare an attack / ... cannot switch battle position


(5) How does it divert and oncoming attack?

Eg-... cannot select any other monster as an attack target...


(6) What does it cancel out?

Eg- Negate the activation of... and...


Here's and example of a well made Spell Card:


Pay half your life points (1). Send 1 "Arceus - the Original One" from your hand, deck or from your side of the field to the graveyard (1). Special summon 1 "Spacial Lord Palkia" and 1 "Temporal Lord Dialga" onto your side of the field (2).


(Yes, I make Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh! cards too)

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