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Mortal Kombat 9 To Take The Franchise Back To Its Bloody Roots


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"Rejoice, Mortal Kombat fans! Your cries for a return to the famed fighting franchise's gory glory days have not been in vain. Midway developer Ed Boon posted some tasty details on his Twitter page regarding Mortal Kombat 9 that you'll be very pleased to hear.


The first comment will bring many a smile to any MK fan (aka every MK fan) who has been wishing for an ultra-violent return to form for the franchise. That's right. Boon confirmed that MK 9 will in fact be M-rated. (Given what we've seen from God of War III on the violence front, Midway is going to have to dig deep to appease jaded gore-hounds.)


So what is the team doing to really earn that M rating this time around? Boon commented yesterday that the team has started motion capturing special moves and fatalities, and the results have been 'kind of sick.'


(Gently nodding with approval) Nicely done Midway. Nicely done. I just tried to picture what a motion-captured fatality might look like, and now I'm weeping hysterically.


Could Mortal Kombat 9 be the most violent game of all time?"

-The Feed


This should be cool to see.



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