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Well I'm not an OCG expert but here is what I would change it to:

Atem - you can change "your side of the field" to "your field"

Ceto - "one monster" to "1 monster", missing a space after "with", and you didn't specified where you can special summoned it from

Aknadin - "discarding one card" to "discarding 1 card", "opponent's side of field" to "opponent's field"

Isis - the "his/her" are old OCG, nobody use them anymore. Though it is still correct, I would suggest your change it to "you may look at the top card of your opponent's Deck."

Mahad - rewrite the effect as "When this summoned in face-up Attack Position, pick up 5 cards from your Deck. Add all the Spell Cards to your Hand and discard the rest to your Graveyard. *note* "draw" means added to hand while "pick up" only means looking at it

Shada - "select one card" to "select 1 card", writing "Stars" is old OCG, change it to "Level 4" and "Level 3"

Karim - rewrite the effect as "Once per turn, flip a coin and calls it. If you calls right, select 1 card on the field and destroys it. If not, your opponent select 1 card on the field and destroys it.


Again, I'm not an OCG expert, but I hope this helps.

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