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XIII Cursed

Yoko Kurama

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Aiku: Cursed monsters... That's not nice.


OCG: Multiples OCG errors and they repeat themselves many times.

graveyard = Graveyard

special summon = Special Summon

one = 1

trap, spell = Trap, Spell

When your opponent draws this card, they loose 1000 lifepoints = When your opponent draws this card, inflict 1000 damages to your opponent's Life Points.

Effect: The effect are cheap. "Once per turn, you can randomly discard 1 card from your opponent's hand" or "Once per turn, you can destroy 1 of your opponent's Trap Card on the field." ? That's way to much. Not to mention that they are all ultimate and have barely any connections, except to be cheap.

Image: That, I can't say almost nothing negative on it, except 2 things. That it's not the first time that I see the pic for "Cursed Warlord" and that I can see the signatures of some artist on the pics.


Overall: 5.8/10

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