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As the Light of Destiny shines through the Diamond, It Creates a Rainbow

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Monsters x18


1x Elemental Hero Stratos

3x Destiny Hero Diamond Dude

2x Rose, Warrior or Revenge

1x Summon Monk


3x Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus

3x Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger

3x Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth

2x Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle


Spells x15


3x Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins

3x Crystal Abundance

3x Rare Value

2x Crystal Beacon

2x Crystal Promise

1x Crystal Blessing

1x Mystic Space Typhoon


Traps x7


3x Threatening Roar

2x Crystal Raigeki

1x Torrential Tribute

1x Call of the Haunted


Just an idea, rate/fix

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i agree, try to go for one of the other


if you want to do both at once however, try more along these lines


Monsters: 18

x3 Pegasus

x3 Tiger

x3 Mammoth

x2 Cat

x1 Ruby

x1 Rescue Cat

x2 Airbellum

x1 Rose

x1 Gale

x1 Cyber Dragon


Spells: 17

x3 Ruins

x3 Abundance

x3 Beacon

x3 Rare Value

x2 Blessing

x2 Promise

x1 MST


Traps: 5

x1 Torrental

x3 Dark Bribe

x1 Dustshoot



x3 Ancient Fairy Dragon

x12 Generic


Classic Abundance OTK with Synchro's for back-up, the OTK isn't always easy to get so the tuners are for emergancies, USE BLACK ROSE if possible, bombing the field won't sent ur CB's to the grave, it's 1 spontanious boom, so ur CB's on the field will hit the Spell and trap zone

and don't use call of the haunted, it'll clog ur zone and you have Ruby and promise for reviving ur CB's


u don't have to run this exact build, but my it give u ideas on how to change

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Yeah I was going for both. I'm trying to used Diamond Dude for a free Abundance' date=' but I dont know Jank about CBs. I'll look over your build in more depth and get Ideas when I get back from class. Good point on Call though, It really does suck in CB.



Diamond Dude won't work like that, the CB sacrifice is a cost, without 4 CB's in the spell and trap zone Abundance wouldn't work, and even if it did, you might not have many CB's to summon with the effect (unless you have a good ammount on the field) and trust me i've tried the method with DD before and it lost me regionals pretty good XD

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