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[align=center]Made for all the fans of the .hack franchise. To join just post saying who you want to be.



If you wish for one to be added, state him/her and they will be added.


Azure Kite - Yuri Lowell

Azure Balmung - Freeshooter

Azure Orca -

Kite - .Mirage.

Balmung -

Orca -

Subaru -

Tsukasa -

Aura -

Elk -

Haseo - Haseo

Endrance - Xirno

Piros The Third - Obsidian

Ovan - Rinne











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This club is so oddly coincidental, because I was writing up ideas for a .hack fic after my previous disaster of one. I need an idea for minor characters and a Big Bad; any ideas?


And with the yuri, it really wasn't. (Yuri's when it revolves around lust and sex; I know there's another term for it.) Anyways, it was a interesting plot twist and didn't really take over the show, IMHO.

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