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​The Spy HQ​

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[align=center] The HQ

Welcome to the HQ.



Post here if you joining

No Flaming

No Spamming

Anyone Can Make a Contest for this Club




In this Club we will be talking about Yu-Gi-Oh and maybe even Other things.

We will also have Card Editing

Just Sign Up

OCG fix/.:Dog-King:.


Dark Synchoros/

Number Adding/

If anything needs to be added tell me




Club Points

You can get Club Points here to

Heres How



Adding a Link to your sig about this contest

Aadding more stuff for this Club

Helping me


You may also give some of you Club Points to other people if you the do something to you or anything else.


If anything else needs to be added just tell me.





You may Show of your cards here too

And other people can rate and Fix





We will have a Topic

maybe every 1 or 2 pages the Topic will be changed




Sign Up

Fill out this form

How long do you stay online

What are you Avarage Card Making Rating

How many other Clubc have you joined


I will accept someone profesional to be a Leader with me





1. .:Dog-King:.



Our topic right now is

What are your best Cards that you have [/align]

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