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Card picture resizing help desperetly needed!!!



Hello YCM members. Sorry if i'm taking up forum space with this but i need help resizing the pictures for my cards. Credit will be given where credit will be due. And sorry for sounding to arogant but yes i did search the forums multiple times for help. I will advise that i usually only get on to maby make 1 card a day and check on some of the threads i subscribed to. Again thx for helping.


EDIT: Sorry about not including the Q. I need help resizing the pictures i use for my cards. A few of the imiges turn out perfect but others turn out sorta...well they turn out in the general shape and you can see the point behind it but at the same time you can see all the blocks that were used to create the pix. so i releave the proper term would be low rez. if it helps i could post an example of both.

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If you have a low quality pic, the best way to fix it is to simply find a different pic. you always want to work high res, because then you can shrink it down, and not have it look pixalated (as opposed to blowing up small pictures)


Really, you can resize in MS paint (ctrl + a, then drag the little corner box things)


GIMP or PS may give you better results though (if you pic is lower quality)

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