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Local Report For Saterday June 20th

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Well orihime posted his So I decided I'll post mine.


Round 1: Lightsworn (Me) vs Cat Synchro


Game 1: Meh, I Started up with Up with Necro Gardna, and Solar Recharge, and a crappy hand like that. He ended up screwing me over with Airbellum. Oh well


Game 1: I got a good hand and stuff this game but Cat Synchro still screwed me over. This made Skyfire very upset.


Round 2: Lightsworn (Me) Vs Blackwings (>.<)


Game 1: This was an exciting game for me, My opponent, He usually runs Glads, but he tried out Blackwings. He was doing pretty good but he brought out DAD. I Managed to run it over with Celestia. Then got out JD for game. It was the first time I was able to beat down Bkackwings.


Game 2: This game also made Skyfire sad. I Had him on the run but then, He got out Blizzard, he already had out Sirroco, He Armor Mastered me for game.


Game 3: Look to game 1.


I Won 4 Packs of Raging Battle at the end. I Pulled one Trident Dragon Ultimate Rare. Yes their was a round 3 where I played Little City I won all 3 games.

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