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Regionals Report from Cincinnati, Ohio

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Guest setojim

Round 1: Kitty DAD (me) v. Glads


Duel 1: I goyo'd him to death

Duel 2: He Herked first turn

Duel 3: He summoned herk turn before i won

Result: I lost!


Got participation packs and pulled the super ocean dragon synchro from RGBT, meiru drago, and overwhelm


Round 2: Kitty DAD v. Gadgets


Duel 1: He started with 2 gadgets, banisher, kycoo, etc. i started with god hand

Duel 2: He solemned and oppressioned me

Duel 3: Close....

Result: I won!


Round 3: Kitty DAD v. Kitty DAD


Duel 1: He started with 2 cold waves and 2 pots. i started god hand

Duel 2: Read above

Result: I won!


Round 4: Kitty DAD v. Blackwing


Duel 1: I raped lol

Duel 2: He sarco'd for sirocco and killed my ass

Duel 3: I won with thunder dragon.

Result: I won!


Round 5: Kitty DAD v. Blackwing


Duel 1: I raped

Duel 2: DAD ftw

Duel 3: lucky win for me. he had armor master, sirocco, and kalut up with 1500 left. i had no field, snipe and thunder dragon in hand and only 100 lp left. I drew PoA to shuffle 2 thunder dragon, xsaber air, sangan, and des koala to draw into allure and sangan. i dis'd thunder dragon for 2, then allure out sangan for des koala and something for ULTIMATE DISCARD action on snipe. first roll failed. the next 3 rolls won me the game

Result: I won!


Round 6: Kitty DAD v. Macro Monarch


Duel 1: I raped

Duel 2: DSF OTK; i stole his survivor after destroying d-fissure and destroying his assailant. i then synched for DSF for game.

Result: I won!


Round 7: Kitty DAD v. Kitty DAD


Duel 1: I raped

Duel 2: I lost

Duel 3: THUNDER DRAGON FTW; I used brain, tributed for thunder dragon, summoned chaos sorc and DAD.

Result: I won!


Top 8: Kitty DAD v. Blackwing


Round 1: I won

Round 2: I got raped

Round 3: terrible hand. 2 x-sabers, des koala, panther, heavy, and sangan. he like super-swarmed me!

Result: I lost!


Overall: I made top 8 and got my nats invite for the first time. I am very happy and proud of myself.

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