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Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Chains Of The Dead


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NOTE: YRPOtaku169 IS NOW MY CO-WRITER...[spoiler=Some Fan-Fic Info] When Yusei Fudo finds that the Dark Signers are back with a new plan, his dueling skills are put to the test. His son, Kyle Fudo, joins him in his journey as well as Crow, Jack Atlas, and a couple others that may help the team or betray them. Speed Duels take a new twist, they can now be played on a Duel Disk, but the same rules apply. Shadow Duels are back and when you lose you're soul is not only sent to the Shadow Realm, but also used to feed The Chained Gods. Before you are allowed to Duel in just any random place you must aquire a Dueling License, a Dueling License is a digital ID card that registers your wins and losses in order and to who, when you reach a certain number of Wins special areas are unlocked around New Domino City. Everyone in this Fan-Fic has a Dueling License.




The Satellite – 9:00 AM


Eerie Voice: You fool! You believed that The Dark Signers would be enough to handle Yusei Fudo and the Crimson Dragon?


Deep Voice: Yes, Sir…


Eerie Voice: If you fail me one more time Goblin, it will be your last day. This is your final chance. Now leave…


Goblin: Yes, sir.


(A man with a dark red base colored cloak with blue trimming stands and walks out of the room, while 5 more figures emerge from the darkness.)


Eerie Voice: He is of no more use to me. Majic, Labyrinth, Dizeaze, Fire and Ice, you are now my top line of offense against the citizens of New Domino City. Majic, find Yusei Fudo and challenge him to a shadow duel, see how well he duels, and use your ‘skills’ to get out of the duel before one of you loses. Labyrinth, find Jack Atlas and tell him the game is starting anew, and then report back to me. Dizeaze, find Crow and dispose of him, then return here. Fire and Ice, work your way to the top of the food chain over there in New Domino and eliminate anyone who gets in your way. Dismissed!


Majic: Yes, Sir…


Labyrinth: Whatever you say boss.


Dizeaze: Ssssssssure.


Fire and Ice: Alright, Mr. Z, Bye.


(A girl stands and walks out of the room in a pink and white cloak. A giant bulky guy, follows her in a brown and black cloak. A tall, slim man wrapped in bandages and a green cloak leaves too. And finally a boy and girl leave the room together walking side-by-side the boy in a fiery red cloak and the girl in an icy blue one.)


Mr. Z: The time has come. In a matter of days the world will know the wrath of the CHAINED GODS!!!!!!


(Roaring and grumbling can be somewhat heard from below the room.)


To Be Continued…



[spoiler=Kyle Fudo]

Name: Kyle Fudo

Age: 13

Deck: Warrior Synchro

Favourite Card: Berzerker Knight

Trump card: Berzerker King

Bio: Kyle Fudo is Yusei Fudo's son, and is working to get his Dueling License. He was born just after his Dad had defeated the Dark Signers and now, because Yusei didn't know he had a son, Crow helps Yusei take care of Kyle. His mom died when he was 2. He is 5'4'', with straight blonde hair and his duel disk is red, spiked on all edges, except where his arm goes, and his deck was made by Pegasus himself and consists of one-of-a-time cards.


[spoiler= Kakiryu Sagaku]

Name: Kakiryu Sagaku

Age: 23

Deck List: Jurak/Dinosaur Beatdown Deck

Juraks found here:http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Jurac

Cards: 63

Monsters: 32

LV7+: 8

Jurak Tyranus

Jurak Titan

Jurak Spinos

Black Tyranno

Ultimate Tyranno

Super Conductor Tyranno

Super-Ancient Dinobeast

Saurobeast Brachion

LV5-6: 0


LV1-4: 24

Gilasaurus x3

Miracle Jurassic Egg x2

Element Saurus x2

Hydrogeddon x3

Black Veloci x2

Black Stego x2


Dyna Base

Jurak Protapus

Jurak Vello

Jurak Monolov

Jurak Ptiera

Jurak Iguanon

Jurak Brachis

Jurak Guivre

Jurak Staurico

Spells: 15

Terraforming x3

Molten Destruction x2

Jurassic World x2

Big Evolution Pill x3

Double Summon x3

Magical Mallet x2

Speed Spell - Summon Speeder x2

Speed Spell - Speed Energy x2

Speed Spell - Vision Wind

Speed Spell - Power Baton x2

Speed Spell - Gap Storm

Speed Spell - The End of Storm

Speed Spell - Wheelie Breaker

Speed Spell - Tune-Up 123

Speed Spell - Speed Jammer x2

Speed Spell - Dash Pilfer x2

Traps: 13

Fossil Excavation x3

Raigeki Break x3

Sakuretsu Armor x3

Hunting Intinct x2

Wicked Rebirth x2

Extra Deck: 3

Dyna Tank

Jurak Giganot

Jurak Velhipto

Favourite Card: Jurac Tyranus

Trump Card: Jurac Titan

Bio: Kakiryu is one of the two Sagaku Twins, Co-CEOs of Sagaku Motors, the leading retailer in Duel Runner parts (kinda like a cross between Ford and KaibaCorp). He has blond, spiky hair with red highlights at the tips, a goatee, black clothing including a racing jacket with big-name racing labels, a Sagaku Motors T-Shirt, and racing jeans. He always carries sunglasses and a lit cigarette (non-tobacco-based). He is very arrogant and has an enormous ego, as well as a very short fuse, but is very protective of his twin sister and his company. He is interested in the current state of affairs for reasons unknown, and seems to keep wanting to duel the Signers....


[spoiler= Yukikabe Sagaku]

Name: Yukikabe Sagaku

Age: 23

Deck List: Ice Barrier/Ice Counter Lock Deck

Ice Barrier found here:http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Ice_Barrier



LV7+: 4

White Night Dragon

Ice Master

Medium of the Ice Barrier

Grunard, Brave General of the Ice Barrier

LV5-6: 3


Royal Knight of the Ice Barrier

Great Monk of the Ice Barrier

LV1-4: 23

Frost Tiger

Blizzard Dragon

Blizzard Warrior x3

Blizzard Lizard x3

Cold Enchanter

Ice Blast User Reice x2

Unshaven Angler x2

Blizzed - Guard of the Ice Barrier

Practitioner of the Ice Barrier

Intoxicated Bug of the Ice Barrier

Acolyte of the Ice Barrier

Feng Shui Master of the Ice Barrier

Defying Troops of the Ice Barrier

Bushi of the Ice Barrier

Water Reflection of the Ice Barrier

Transport Unit of the Ice Barrier

Forbidden Spell Group of the Ice Barrier

Spells: 16


Field Barrier

Absolute Zero Barrier

Salvage x3

Water-Hazard x2

Ice Mirror x3

Double Summon x3

Magical Mallet x2

Traps: 14

Blizzard Curtain x3

Cold Fusion

Raigeki Break x3

Defense Draw x3

Dimensional Prison x3

Divine Protection of the Ocean Dragon Lord

Extra Deck: 3

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Dewloran, Tiger Prince of the Ice Barrier

Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Favourite Card: Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Trump Card: Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Bio: Yukikabe is one of the two Sagaku Twins, Co-CEOs of Sagaku Motors, the leading retailer in Duel Runner parts (kinda like a cross between Ford and KaibaCorp). She has long, flowing hair with light-blue highlights at the tips, green eyes, a bit of a valley girl accent, and a mixture of Sailor and Gothic Lolita clothing including a frilly black miniskirt, long black shoulder-length gloves, long black stockings, and a black Japanese schoolgirl blouse with a light-blue bow embroidery. She always has a golden locket set on the center of her bow with a gem that looks like it is made out of ice, and a customized Duel Disk with a black and light-blue paintjob. She seems emotionless and merciless, but is very caring towards her twin brother and her employees. She is interested in the current state of affairs for reasons unknown, and seems to keep wanting to duel the Signers...



Name: Majic

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Deck: (Beginning) Spellcaster (End) Chained God - Spellz Deck

Favourite Card: Dark Magician Girl

Trump Card: (Beginning) Dawn Sorceress (End) Chained God - Spellz

Bio: Little is known about Majic, except that she loves pink, and she is a miraculous magician. She has long blonde hair with pink highlights at the ends, purple eyes, and a Pink base colored Duel Runner with purple trimming, the same with her duel disk.



Name: Labyrinth

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Deck: (Beginning) EARTH (End) Chained God - Maze Deck

Favourite Card: Labyrinth Wall

Trump Card: (Beginning) Earth Destroyer (End) Chained God - Maze

Bio: Little is known about Labyrinth, except that he is 7'6'', he has a crew-cut, brown hair, and black lifeless eyes. His Duel Runner is dark, dark brown, his Duel Disk is brown and the center looks like a maze.



Name: Dizeaze

Age: ?

Gender: Male

Deck: Chained God - Plague Deck

Favourite Card: Chained God - Plague

Trump Card: Chained God - Plague

Bio: Dizeaze is wrapped in bandages, and has no eyes whatsoever. He has a black Duel Runner, and Duel Disk.



Name: Fyronus Pyronia

Age: 850

Gender: Male

Deck: Volcanic/Chained God - Volcanus Deck

Favourite Card: Chained God Volcanus

Trump Card: Chained God - Volcanus

Bio: You have heard of the city Atlantis. How its supposed to be lost in the deepest areas of the seas. Well Fyronus was born in Volcanus the city lost in the center of the earth. He was seperated from his twin sister Aquarius Icinean at birth. Fyronus has orange skin and black hair, he has the weirdest ability to catch himself and others on fire by touch. His Duel Runner and Duel Disks are Red. And he still loks like a 20-yr old kid.



Name: Aquarius Icinean

Age: 850

Gender: Female

Deck: Ice Barrier/Chained God - Atlantix

Favourite Card: Master of The Ice Barrier

Trump Card: Chained God - Atlantix

Bio: Aquarius was born in Atlantis the city lost in the depths of the ocean. She was seperated from her twin brother Fyronus Pyronia at birth. She has blue skin and white hair, she has the weirdest ability to freeze herself and others into an indestructable piece of ice by touch. Her Duel Runner and Duel Disk are both Blue.


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Guest TheFinalFan

Note 1: DarkForce, please take out that note in Kaki's deck description and remove the parentheses section in both of the twins' bios (it's spoiler!).

Note 2: The Speed Spells in Kaki's deck replace his Normal Spells when he Turbo Duels.

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Guest TheFinalFan


We will now be accepting characters ideas for this fanfic!

But we won't let any ordinary Mary-Sues in.

So PM me the following form filled out with your character's information:



Deck List:

Favourite Card:

Trump Card:



Character rules:

1. Your Deck List should conform to playable standards. That means 40-60 cards in your Main Deck and up to 15 cards in your Extra Deck.

2. You must follow the Advanced Format for your Decks. That means you have a Limited/Forbidden List. Follow this link to see what is on that list:


3. You may put in custom cards as long as you include a link to where they are located.

4. Your character bio must be no more than 5 sentences.

5. No Mary-Sues. Period.


Thank you, and get to work!

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Heh... I have some problems with the names, to be honest.


1) Why would Yusei Fudo, a primarily Japanese character, have a kid with an English name? Doesn't make sense, and is a sign of Sue-dom.

2) Kakiryu and Yukikabe? You're better off naming them "dinosaur" and "ice wall", because that's what they mean. Change 'em up; it's kinda cringe-worthy now.

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Guest TheFinalFan

1. I don't really know what was going through DarkForce's head when he wrote that about Kyle.

But 2. I like Japanese names for my characters.

And 3. FYI, "Kakiryu" translates into "heat dragon" and "Yukikabe" translates into "snow wall".

So 4. Thank you for your comments.

Finally, 5. Will you sign on to make a character, Rinne?

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Guest TheFinalFan

I'm good. Besides, I hate dub names. Japanese names sound more original.

And that character offer still stands, Rinne.....

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Guest TheFinalFan

(whimpers and cries)

That huuuuuurt.....

(breaks out into sobbing)



P.S. Do you dislike Japanese names or something?

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Guest TheFinalFan

I'm sorry about being a crybaby when you slapped me...

Wait...you consider their names bad?

Can you please help me fix them?

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I'm good. Besides' date=' I hate dub names. Japanese names sound more original.

And that character offer still stands, Rinne.....



*slaps you*


I'm not talking about dub names... Oh, for the love of Frunk, I'll give you ideas.


Does that answer your question?

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Guest TheFinalFan

So...down to business...can you please help me fix my characters' names?

And would you like to have a slot as a main character?


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