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Water HandFlush

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OK...So I tried once and was told to not to run anything WATER that is not Coelacanth or Frogs...And I was Pissed off...but then I just..went and Use that to my favor to create a better deck than Before...

So here is the thing I love Hand Control And I love WATER actually Those used to come very good toghetr...So this is what I'm doing here...

Now This deck can counter many thing and even then can Beats up attacking or Burning so there are plenty possibilities...I guess...further more the Deck List.



1 x Morphing Jar #1

2 x Mobius

2 x Unshaven Angler

3 x Golden Flying Fish

1 x Treeborn Frog

3 x Coelacanth

1 x Spirit Reaper

3 x Oyster Meister

3 x Abyss Soldier

2 x Royal Swamp Eel



1 x Brain Control

1 x MReborn

2 x Book of Moon

2 x Ruthless Denial

2 x Pot of Avaricie

1 x HStorm



3 x Solemn Judgement/Dark Bribe

2 x Fish Depth Charge

3 x Spiritual Water Art - Aoi

1 x Mirror Force

1 x Trap Dustshoot


Generic Extra Deck.


So...Well There it is...

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