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Kira Magister Magi

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Guest Morpheous Erebos

Rinne could not get on his comp as much, so he asked me to remake the club RP. Continue from where you left off...


[align=center]Immersive virtual reality isn’t just a myth. In fact, it’s already happened. A supercomputer hidden in an abandoned factory in France is the pathway to Lyoko, a computerized world built as a safe haven for the creator and his daughter. However, the place was overrun by a malevolent force known as XANA, and only through the combined efforts of a hacker and his friends from the nearby Kadec Academy did it become possible for XANA to be defeated. After that, the computer was shut down, but things have flared up again…


Signs of activity have seemingly come from the supercomputer again, after 10 long years. It seems like an extremist country that is well-versed in technology is using Lyoko in order to wage its war against the world. Nobody knows this connection because of the terrorist’s actions, except for you and your friends at the academy. Can you dive back into Lyoko to save the day? Or will everything go up in smoke?


[/align][spoiler=Before We Start]1) This is a canon Code: LYOKO RP, set 10 years after the events in the show's finale. However, no major canon characters will be appearing.

2) This RP is brought to you by The Beasts of X.A.N.A, YCM's first (and I believe only) Code: LYOKO club. We ask that you join the club and read the Wikipedia article on the series to get familiarized. Otherwise, we will not accept any applications until you do. (It really doesn't take too long.)

3) Although I created this thread, Kira has as much jurisdiction in this thread as I do. Therefore, he can ban you from the thread if you're acting up when I'm not on. So don't. ;D

4) This RP uses the advanced roleplaying rules, as well as all other applicable RP and site rules. Keep this in mind when applying.

5) This is just a side project to the main thing, which is the club. If you're going to join the club just to get to the RP, I recommend you don't. It's usually not a good sign for you or your application.

6) The password for the application is "scanner".


[spoiler=[s]Application - Character[/s] (currently not accepting)]

[b][u]Real Life[/u][/b]
[b]Name:[/b] {something that could be seen in real-life}
[b]Year:[/b] {freshman, sophomore, junior, senior}
[b]Appearance:[/b] {at least 1 well-written paragraph, no pictures}
[b]Personality:[/b] {at least 1 well-written paragraph}
[b]Relationships:[/b] {how they interact with other player characters}
[b]Skill with Using Supercomputer:[/b] {low, medium, high}

[b]Lyoko Appearance:[/b] {at least 1 well-written paragraph; think video games}
[b]Focus:[/b] {speed, strength, stamina, power, technical}
[b]Weapon:[/b] {only 1}
[b]Abilities:[/b] {3 max}
[b]Vehicle:[/b] {should have the "Over-" prefix; 2-3 decently-descriptive sentences}

[b]RP Sample:[/b] {at least 1 decent paragraph, no script-speak, can be from anything}
[b]Rules Password:[/b]


[spoiler=Application - Others]We're looking for additional monsters and sectors to use. This is completely optional, but you can make as many as you'd like.

[spoiler=Sector Application]

[b]Name:[/b] {we're using Latin, so make sure to post an accurate name and a translation}
[b]Landscape Description:[/b] {at least 1 decent paragraph}
[b]Possible Hazards:[/b] {just make a list of 2-3}
[b]Found Monsters:[/b] {just examples, real or made-up}
[b]Creator:[/b] {put your username here}


[spoiler=Monster Application]

[b]Description:[/b] {at least 1 paragraph; include approximate size}
[b]Where Eye of XANA Is:[/b] {that's its weak spot; include size}
[b]Weaponry:[/b] {2-3 max}
[b]Possible Locations:[/b] {just a list, can be real or made-up}
[b]Creator:[/b] {put your username here}



[spoiler=Accepted Items][spoiler=Accepted Characters][spoiler=.:Lawliet:. - Kent Mishima]

Real Life

Name: Kent Mishima

Year: Sophomore

Gender: M

Appearance: {at least 1 well-written paragraph, no pictures} - About 5''7', 1 silver eye, 1 red. Has black hair that spikes outwards, and is relatively pale. Is not buff, but his arms aren't toothpicks either. Wears sunglasses half the time and is usually sitting or laying down. He is usually found wearing a black t-shirt and some knee-torn jeans.

Personality: Kent is pretty laid-back and tries to be cool. He cracks jokes and you can consider him a less-energetic, modern-day Odd. He loves to be outside, but only to get some sun and relax. He is very popular in his mind, although the new LYOKO Warriors are his only friends. He usually, when inside, plays video games or is in class. He doesn't listen to any music, and especially hates rap.

Skill with Using Supercomputer: Medium

Ethnicity Japanese-American

Relationships: He can get along with anyone, as long as they don't break their promises toward him, then he will feel betrayed and stop talking to them for a while.



Lyoko Appearance: He gets a vest, hooded, that protects him from attacks in that area. He also gets claws on both hands that are actually gloves that aren't very thick and look more like a black dog's paw and that retract, but increase his strength. He gets glowing red eyes that allow him to see up to 1000 more feet away than the average human and able to see through fog, mist, etc.

Focus: Balanced, but mainly strength

Weapon: His claws

Abilities: His sight (above), telekinesis (only objects up to 10 ft. away)

Vehicle: Overcycle (Like the overbike, but 2 wheels) It is virtually just a flying motorcycle... It is black with red streaks on the side, and is about 2 and a half feet tall.


[spoiler=.Mirage. - Shuang Hui Li]

Real Life

Name: Shuang hui Li (Meaning I think it is Open Minded, Li is just extra)

Year: Freshmen

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Chinese

Appearance: Shaung Hui is an average height for a person with black hair going down to his neck. His eyes are a dark brown color with a skin tone from the South Region of China. The skin tone is a dark tan. He wears a black jacket with the sleeves going down to his elbows with blue jeans with rips going down the sides of the pants legs. Then with a red shirt usually with some Chinese Symbol on it under his black jacket.

Personality: He tries to examine things out before doing any major actions. He doesn’t want anything bad to happen as he thinks about the outcomes. He is out going if he wants to be, but tends to stay in the back.

Relationships: He can get along with almost anyone, but get him pissed off he will hold a long grudge that probably won’t break.

Skill with Using Supercomputer: Little to none



Lyoko Appearance: Shaung’s hair is tied in a ponytail with a white ribbon holding it together. He wears a long, white mages robe on the back of it with the Chinese Symbol of “Fear”. There is a cut within the bottom half of the robe from the bottom to waste portion revealing white pants tied with bandages around his ankles. He wears red shows with the tip pointing up.

Focus: Stamina

Weapon: A wooden like staff, with a blue orb at the top of the shaft. It is as high as the chest of Shaung, thin around the bottom getting fatter toward the top.


Levitation: Using his staff the blue orb starts to glow with almost anything trapped in its beam will start to move.

Terror Sphere: A black colored orb which can be produced out of nowhere. The sphere can be used to defend the user, when an attack hits the sphere the attack will disappear. Then another use it can be thrown at an enemy target.

Vehicle: Name "Over-Bite" A spider looking bike that has red legs with black for the rest of the body. At the mouth of the venomous month a small stun laser is placed.



[spoiler=galesonic - Brandon Mitchell]Real Life

Name: Brandon Mitchell

Year: Sophomore


Ethnicity: Haitian

Appearance: about 5'7. Short black hair, almost making him look bald. He has dark brown/black eyes and wears glasses. He is always seen wearing a brown or black hoodie with a skull on the back, blue denim jeans, and either white basketball sneakers or blue in-line skates

Personality: Smart but at times, really lazy. He can be easilly bored though he could never pay attention to one thing at a time. He usually would act what people would call 'crazy or 'weird', but to him is really normal

Relationships: He would stay quiet, but he would usually tries to be their friend.

Skill with Using Supercomputer: medium



Lyoko Appearance:He wears a black jumpsuit with blue neon lighint around the back and the arms and red lighting on the back in the shape of a skull. his hair is grown and spiked and has markings on his face: a red marking coming down from his left eye and a blue marking coming from the top of his nose.

Focus: Speed and stamina

Weapon: broadsword


1. Boomerang Blade: Basically what it means.

2. Severing Slash: a slash that can reach far lenghts, until its limit of 150 meters

3. Sword Wheel: spins his sword either on the ground or in the air to block attacks or attack enemies

Vehicle: None



[spoiler=Pikachu - Jack Yu]Real Life

Name: Jack Yu

Year: Junior

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Chinese

Appearance: A tall 5"9 boy with straight black hair and brown eyes. He wears a green polo shirt, blue jeans and trainers. He also has a blue digital watch that acts like a telephone 9which he could talk to his relatives). He is rather strong, but not much muscles can be seen.

Personality: Being a new student, Jack is a rather shy boy at first sight. At the beginning, he cannot cope well with others. Over a short period of time, he can get use to it and make good friendships. His leadership skills are surprisingly good and is courageous in different scenarios.

Relationships: Although he is rather shy, he could become quite popular within a few months. He currently has no girlfriends in this school, but he does have a girlfriend in his other school, Monica, which he keeps in touch with privately.

Skill with Using Supercomputer: Because his dad is an IT manager, he has some basic knowledge on working with computers and, of course, hi-tech supercomputers. he can easily scan his friends to Lyoko and devirtualize then as well. Although he can do those basic skills, he can't do much else.



Lyoko Appearance: A strong warrior having the power of kung-fu. He has a green and black ninja outfit, but no mask. The ninja outfit is quite tight. The concept is that his chest, knee and arms are in green, and the rest is black. He wears a green power band which can come in good use (to direct wind and so on). He wears black gloves, but they are covered by his weapon.

Focus: His focus is on speed and power. His agility is very high, and so is his accuracy at aiming at the XANA eye.

Weapon: His weapon is a pair of moonblades, a weapon which Jack could hold on in the middle like a spear. the handle is at the middle of the weapon and has two curving blades at each end of it. He has one in each hand (one to defend, one to attack. Both can be used to attack if necessary.) The weapon is quite light, which gives a boost to Jack while fighting. When attacking the enemy, he usually slashes his target, making a mark of a 'X'.


Fireblades: His blades has the power to be heated, increasing his damage by a lot. He has two extra ways of using it. Firstly, he can use it as a range attack, by slashing the air. When he does that, the heat is released in a orange crescent shape and can attack the monster from quite a distance. This is one of the only ways he can attack a flying monster.


His second way is to build up more energy and charge at the enemy (think of Chidori, but with fire). He slashes them at an enemy, immediately devirtualizing them. This, however, can only be used once in one Lyoko trip.


Blink (name comes from Warcraft): One of the reasons he is a strong warrior. When close to an enemy, he can warp behind them (the range is a maximum of 3 meters) almost immediately. When doing so, he could attack from behind. he can only do it once. Another use of it is to get away from dangerous situations.

Vehicle: *Currently can't think of one. If possible, can he have no vehicles?*


[spoiler=Rinne - Nikolai Korolyov]((Unavailable until further notice))

Real World

Name: Nikolai Korolyov

Year: Sophomore

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Russian

Appearance: At first glance, Nikolai almost seems to emulate the cold northern country from where he comes. He has dark blue eyes that seem sharpened and homed on what he is currently looking at, pale white skin, and darkish-gray hair that is slightly long and tied back in a loose ponytail. There is a faint, but still noticeable scar stretching across the back of his neck, which he tries to conceal with white collared shirts, often worn open over gray undershirts. He also likes to wear plain black jeans and slip-on sneakers, just for ease of wear.

Personality: Reserved and peaceful, Nikolai doesn’t go out of his way to do much, preferring in real life to keep to himself and get his studies done as a priority. The only ones he really talks with are the other Lyokons, and even then he prefers to stay quiet. He subscribes to the theory that actions speak louder than words, and usually tries to stand up for those who are being picked on, although this usually is ignored because of him just being a sophomore.

Relationships: When it comes to other people, Nikolai friendly, but somewhat secretive. He’s very choosy with his words, trying to not reveal much about himself or offend anything. He likes being somewhat lonesome, an image that fits him fine.

Skill with Using Supercomputer: Low-medium.



Lyoko Appearance: On Lyoko, Nikolai’s standard outfit is a tight navy-blue tanktop that exposes his stomach and abdominals, a pair of navy forearm guards with sliver armor, and matching fingerless gloves with silver backs. The tanktop has a white circle on the front, with a black icon in the center that resembles a howling wolf. He wears a pair of long loose navy pants with light grey hems, and uses a long flowing light-blue sash as a belt. A pair of simple blue sandals completes the ensemble. Two light-blue fang-like markings also appear under Nikolai’s eyes.

Focus: Speed

Weapon: A long iron chain with a sharp, large diamond-shaped knife on the end. The knife can split out into a grappling hook to allow Nikolai to grab far-away objects and reel them in. He can also hold the knife at the end without using the chain to fight in close combat.


Surge – By shooting the knife into an enemy and gripping the other end of the chain, Nikolai can sent a bolt of blue electrical energy down the chain that shocks anything it hits. This is the standard extra ability that he uses.

Storm – Spinning the chain out in a circle produces a large ring of blue electricity from the knife end, which Nikolai uses to act as a barrier of sorts.

Sight – Nikolai has a mental “radar” of sorts which allows him to locate anyone else on Lyoko via telepathy. This can only be used in very short bursts, though.

Vehicle: None.


[spoiler=Sakuya Izayoi - Ilse Abendroth]

Real Life

Name: Ilse Abendroth (I suck at names, change to whatever you like.)

Year: Freshman

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: German

Appearance: Ilse dons a long, bright orange jacket that is much larger then her normal size. It drags down almost to her knees, which really isn't saying much, considering she's only 4 feet tall at the maximum. She also wears dark pants and a necklace in the shape of a cross. Her hair is short and dark.

Personality:She's very religious, and would stand by her beliefs even if it meant her her life. She attends church on Sunday mornings, and recites daily prayer before sleep. She's also generally very loyal. Some might describe her as being a 'goody two shoes'. She generally likeds to try her best and help show people the correct path to God.

Relationships: She's generally timid and meek, but not afraid to talk to people. Although, the fact that she is constantly mocked for being religious doesn't help. She has very few friends because of her beliefs.

Skill with Using Supercomputer: Low. She dislikes technology.



Lyoko Appearance: In Lyoko, she's garbed in a white robe with various silver and gold necklaces in the shape of crosses. A large, diamond encrusted cross easily stands out from the others. A White, fingerless gloves are on each of her hands, with a black cross on the back of her palm. Her eyes are protected by a small screen, just big enough to cover her eyes.

Focus: Power.

Weapon: A very broad sword. The left half is black, while the right is white. There is a single blood-red cross growing down the middle of the blade. Contrary to it's width, the sword is quite small in length.


Purifying Light; Arrows of light shoot out of her back, any foes hit are paralyzed for a short amount of time.

Formidable Faith; An aura of light surrounds her, and she steadily regains her strength. The aura cannot be broken while in use, and any enemies hitting it take damage. Lasts for a very short amount of time.

Vehicle: N/A



[spoiler=Created Sectors][spoiler=Frigus]Name: Frigus

Landscape Description: There is nothing but ice. There are stalagmites of ice everywhere you look. There are about 5 towers in this area. There is no virtual sea, although with all the ice, you can always slip. If you fall hard enough, you lose Life Points.

Possible Hazards: Falling ice, slipping

Found Monsters: Blocks, Tarantulas, Kankrelats

Creator: .:Lawliet:.

[spoiler=Imber]Name: Imber (Rain)

Landscape Description: The land scape is a jungle region covered in heavy bushes and trees. The grass is thick and heavy preventing most hazards that are well hidden within it. The trees are over hundreds feet tall with many vines hanging all over them. Many streams run through the jungle with one major river running down the middle.

Possible Hazards:

Heavy rain fall they pours down really fast weakening anything which it hits.

Trees or vines fall over randomly without warning.

Found Monsters: Odonata

Creator: .Mirage.

[spoiler=Lacuna]Name: Lacuna (Latin for "empty space")

Landscape Description: The best way to describe this area is most likely it's name. Lacuna is a replica of outer space and the stars, and is very difficult to navigate due to this. Platforms are few and far between, and gravity is centralized around the multiple small "planetoids" hovering in the void, which are usually very barren and only have Towers as major landmarks. Monsters have taken to floating in the void, instead of walking. The digital sea takes the form of large, non-sucking "black holes", which people can be propelled into with enough force.

Possible Hazards:

-One false step, and you could find yourself floating away...

-Miniature stars are present, and they devirtualize immediately upon contact, draining life from anything around them due to the heat.

Found Monsters: Drifters, Blackies

Creator: Rinne


[spoiler=Tempestas]Name: Tempestas (Storm)

Landscape Description: A unique sector in the world of Lyoko with no solid land masses to be seen. From top to bottom the whole sector is covered in many clouds dense with dust cutting away from regular vision. Certain points are clear of clouds, but dangers await within the sector. In the almost impossible to find center there lies a single tower within the several caverns of the only island in the sector.

Possible Hazards:

Possible lighting storms which can do massive damage with anything it comes into contact with. The dense clouds can block almost all sight with creatures that can attack at anytime. Strong winds that force people to move with the wind.

Found Monsters: Attonbitus, Ventus, Levis

Creator: .Mirage.


[spoiler=Created Monsters]


Description: Only a single one will appear at a time with a wing span of 20 feet long. The size of the blue colored, winged beast is about a size of single story building. The beast has a huge beak that is as sharp as a spear head which can pierce anything and monstrous roar that can be heard for miles. The creature has no eyes anywhere on its body.

Where Eye of XANA Is: On the chest of the bird creature.

Weaponry: A monstrous roar which can push back anyone or anything caught in the burst. Huge wings which can move the beast at high speeds and can do massive damage to anything that hits its sharp beak.

Possible Locations: Tempestas

Creator: .Mirage.

[spoiler=Odonata]Name: Odonata

Description: The size of the dragonfly beast is about the size of an adult male. With two rows of wings which can flap at high speeds. A long tail with about 3 feets long at the end with a spike blade. The average Odonata is greenish, yellowish color. Usually travel in a group of 6 with a leader Odonata with a darker green then the average Odonata. The attack groups get up close range to do major damage to their prey.

Where Eye of XANA Is: The eye is located on top of the head of Odonata.


Venomous fangs when bit by it the victim loses feeling in the effect area.

A bladed tail which can be swung to block weak laser attacks.

Possible Locations: Forest, Imber.

Creator: .Mirage.

[spoiler=Schlange]Name: Schlange

Description: A large snake-like monster with a chrome plating on the back on its head. It has a rather large mouth for trapping it's enemies and can use it's rattle on it's tail to disorient the opponent's vision and/or hearing for sneak attacks, though it wears off pretty fast. The Schlange is partly fast, but has a really high intellegence in order to be able to fight alone.

Where Eye of XANA Is: On the top of the chrome covering


1. Rattle to disorient enemy slightly

2. Two sets of lasers on the eyes of the Schlange

3. Mouth to trap enemies, but doesn't damage them.

Possible Locations: Imbur

Creator: galesonic




[spoiler=Banned Members]

[spoiler=Recommended Links]

http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-127885.html - The thread for the club which you need to join for this RP, "Beasts of X.A.N.A."

http://www.eudict.com/ - A good reference for Latin words.

http://editthis.info/Code_WIKI/Main_Page - A very-well organized wiki for the series.


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Guest Morpheous Erebos

((A lot of people have, like Blocks, kankrelats, etc. No supers or lv. 2's, etc. And yes, I said so in the first post...))

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Brandon smirked as he felt a tree behind him. The Odonata charged at him with full force. As Brandon dodged the tackle and the monster hit the tree face first. Brandon took his sword and stabbed it into the monster's torso, as it turned into virtual bits. "There we go." he said as he spun his sword and sheathed it.

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Guest Morpheous Erebos

((BTW, anyone can deactivate towers in this...))


"There are no more monsters right now. Just go deactivate the tower, but always be alert..." Kent looked around the holomap, looking for any monsters farther from the group.

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Brandon ran towards the tower "I got this one." As he got in, he stepped into the middle platform and rose up to the second one. As he walked to the middle of the second platform a screen appeared on the platform. He pressed his hands on it and input the code Lyoko the screens in the tower fell down to the blackness in the tower. "Tower is de-activated."

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Guest Morpheous Erebos

((Bump and also you guys, after this scene, must describe what you could have been doing before the trip and, subtly, what the people did when they activated the tower))


Kent typed in a complicated code on the computer and said, "Return to the past." A large orb of white surrounded the factory and Kadic and everything returned to the way it was before the attack and the activated tower even happened. Kent was back in class, slouching in his chair, dissapointed that the adventure of the day was over. He had a test that he had to take for the second time. He knew all the answers the first time around, so he aced the test in spite of the extra study time he got from the return to the past. It was on Kent's favorite class, Geometry and the easiest thing for him to grasp, dilations.

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Brandon walked out of the principal's office witha pink note saying he had detention for a week. Even during the second time he's been through this, he still didn't remember what he did to get a week's detention. He shrugged it off and walked to Geometry class. He sat down in his usual seat and started taking the test.

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(((WTF HAPPENED? lol)))


Jack went back to his room. He glanced at his watch: 6:00pm.




He nearly forgot to check his messages on his new laptop. He opened it in a hurry, flipping it open and turning it on. When it's finally switched on, he had a message from Kent. It read 'Great job in Lyoko. Keep it up! ;D'. Jack smiled and went to the canteen.

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Brandon finished his test and gave it to the teacher. He left the classroom and walked to the canteen. He looked at the food for today. fish sticks and mashed potatoes with gravy. As much as he hated fish, he chose the mashed potatoes and gravy. He sat in a seat and started eating.

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In the middle of the day, Shaung was running the around the track in the hot sun during gym class. He was panting heavily after he got to his second lap. "I really hate gym class, specially when I have to do again." He continues to run a few more times until he got to the finish line after his fifth lap. Walking over to the bench and sitting, he watched a few of the remaining students running.

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Brandon continued eating his food and then started to count down. "5. 4. 3. 2. 1." he ducked his head as a tray of mashed potatoes, gravy, and tartar sauce flew over his head and hit a girl in the table next to him in the hair. She screamed and a kid yelled. "Food fight." a giant assauslt of different foods started. Brandon dodged almost every food and walked out the door. As he did, he got hit by a plate of mashed potatoes in the back of his head. "Forgot about that.."

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As Jack watched the food fight before he went in the canteen, he ducked as a plate of fish sticks flew above his head. In the corner was Brandon, with his back covered in greasy mashed potatoes. As Jack laughed, he walked away into his room.


"Oh, I have a bag of crisps in my room!"


When he entered the room, he flung onto his bed and lifted the duvet. And there it was: the bag of crisps! He munched happily onto his favorite flavored crisps: barbeque flavor. When he finished, he clumsily threw the packet into the garbage can and walked out again.

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Brandon walked into the bathroom and started washing his head on the closest sink. He remembered what was about to happen. He moved to the left and a part of the roof fell on the sink. "This school needs to be renovated." he said as he washed off all of the mashed potatoes.

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OOC: thats right. This RP needs to be more active.


Brandon walked out of the bathroom and went to the courtyard. He noticed some squirrels playing around, but one of them tried to climb up the tree and fell face first. He stifled a laugh after seeing this. "Something about squirrels being stupid makes it funny."

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Brandon walked to biology class and took the seat in the back of the room, which no one sits. As he was in class, he noticed the thing that made the last X.A.N.A attack. A jar of hercules beetles. In the X.A.N.A attack, they were grown almost two thousand times their size and tried to destroy the academy and factory. "X.A.N.A needs to get more original." he whispered to himself.

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