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Locals Report June 20th

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I get up at like 5:30 and can't go back to bed. =/


Do some chores and tweak my side.


Get to locals at 12:30 and play my friend, while people still come in.


Trade a Cannon Soldier for X-Saber Urbellum, and tourney starts right after.


Round 1: Gladiator Beasts(me) vs. Jank Monarch


Game 1: Wreck him fast, because he is a little kid.


Game 2: Same. I felt bad.


Eh, He pulled a Dark Armed Dragon(Gold Series), but wouldn't trade it, because his mom told him not to.


Eh, I watch my Lightsworn friend's match, in which he wrecks.




Round 2: Gladiator Beasts vs. DaD Synchro


Game 1: We go back and forth. He gets out Stardust + Chaos Sorcerer. He attacks into Retiari, and I Waboku, not tagging out( I had bestiari in hand). He passes. I Play storm, he doesn't tribute Stardust, and I go into Gyzarus, not using his effect. Attack over Chaos Sorcerer, then tagging out into Darius + Laqauri, getting back Murmillo. Contact into Herakilinos. He sets a monster, shifts Stardust. and I have momentum, and eventually win.


Game 2: I attack into Tomato, with Laquari, he brings out Sangan. I set chariot and end. He sets or something I forgot, I set Bestari, and contact into Gyzarus, He Special Summons DRACONIC KNIGHT. I was like WOAH! NICE TECH. He begins to curb stomp me, but I top deck out of it like Yugi Moto, and win.


He was swearing and sheet, but we shake hands, and he calms down.




Round 3: Gladiator Beasts vs. Lightsworn


Game 1: He has Honest every time I try to attack, and I don't get Chariot. =/


Game 2: I draw really bad. I set hoplomus and end. He summons Lyla, and 2 back row, milling Garoth and something else. I summon Laquari, attack over Lyla, and try to tag out. He Royal Oppressions. He summons Ehren, attacks into Hoplomus. I draw into 3 Test Tigers in a row, with no outs.




Round 4: Gladiator Beasts vs. Lightsworn


He is a bad(he went 0-2 last week to Macro Monarchs and a Dinosaur deck), lucksack player and constantly says something stupid, so I don't really want to play him.


Game 1: He goes Double JD, DaD, Chaos Sorc turn 3.


Game 2: I wreck him, getting out Herk, with Chariot and Solemn set, he has Begone Knave, so I keep summoning Murmillo to poke at him, while keeping 1 in hand. I eventually win.


Game 3: Draw really bad, and he decrees my only out.




Eh, I know I am gonna top 8.


I get 5th, being the top ranked 2-2.


Top 8: Gladiator Beast vs DaD Synchro(rematch from Round 2)


Game 1: He wrecks me with Goyo Guardian + Magicial Android turn 5. I draw into no outs. I opened Murmillo, Bestari, Cold Wave FFS.


Game 2: He opens strong. I play back, but he goes into the New Blackwing Synchro(the trampler). I draw Rescue Cat, with only tigers in deck. I waboku his Synchro(I was at 300 lp) when he attacks my set cat. I draw Book of moon, set it. He attacks, I book of moon. I draw Cat, set it and a second book of moon. He attacks, I book of moon. I draw Darius, he has 3 set. I check his grave yard, His D-Prisons where in grave, along with Torrential. I summon Darius, no response from him. I try to attack, knowing if it goes through, I can win the duel. He Mirror Forces. He also shows me the Bottomless Trap Hole, and a Dark Bribe. =/


I shake his hand, because it was a good match. Cool dude, and a nice deck. He was borrowing Rose, Warrior of Revenges and we talked about his deck.


I get $4 store credit, and I leave soon after, while top 4 play out.



Field Days this weekend. I danced with this hot chick.

My build, being awesome.



Losing to a luck sack player round 4.

Drawing Murmillo, Bestari, Cold Wave in my opening hand. =/

Not picking up any X-Saber Airbellums.

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